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Comparable Puffy Jackets
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From: Aubs8
Hi folks....

What other outdoor company model jackets out there compare in performance (warmth, durability) to:

1. First Lite Uncompahgre and Sitka Kelvin?

2. Kuiu Superdown Pro, First Lite Chamberlain, Sitka Kelvin WS?

Looking for more solid color options.

Thanks. Mike

From: kota-man
There are literally TONS of great options from the Patagonia, REI, North Face, Eddie Bauer, Arc’teryx etc., however, I like to give my money to companies that support my hobby vs. hugging trees.

From: Trial153
Right now I am down to four for hunting( yes that implies I have everyday ones as well) .....don’t laugh it hasn’t been easy. Sitka Kevlin WS Hoody Sitka Kevlin light weight Hoody Sitka Kevlin active Filson Down ultra light ......which is flat out bad ass.

From: Aubs8
I currently have Kelvin Down Ultralite and First Lite Cirrus.

Would like to get the Superdown Pro but tough time throwing down 400 beans...

From: bad karma
I love my Kifaru Lost Parka, but the only solid color is Coyote Brown. Mine are in Multicam and I have yet to be chilled in them.

My favorite is the Kuiu kenai for its breath ability. Not really a puffy per say but, it’s taken the place of a fleece for my use.

But, the warmest puffy I’ve ever tried is a Tommy boy parka from browning.

I have the Kuiu Kenai jacket and pants. They are not very warm. They're just a mid layer. They're pretty loud. The only use I have for them is to have in a pack for mountain hunting (they're very light and compress well) to put on when I've been hiking, but then stop for extended periods to glass. Otherwise, to really keep warm, I feel that something thicker is needed.

I also have the First Lite Uncompahgre. This jacket is incredibly warm for how much it weighs. I use it in Alaska for everyday use in the winter and have been outside in it for extended periods in temps below zero with winds that drove the the wind chill down to around -20 and was plenty warm. It's weak point in warmth is the hood, which is 10-20 degrees colder than the rest of the jacket, so it really needs a beanie under the hood to match the rest of the jacket.

From: Dafish
Pnuma Waypoint in a camo or dark gray

From: Ambush
I really like the Kuiu Kenai when active. Very light and with all the zips easy to regulate. I carry the Kuiu hooded Super Down, but you can’t hike in it because it does not breath. Nothing warmer for bulk and weight when your sitting around though.

I have a marmont 700 fill down jacket i picked off a classifieds section off another forum for $30. actually warmest jacket i own. very impressed. not sure of model but i know its discontinued

From: SteveB
It's the KUIU Kenai for me. I love how it compresses and packs. Warms me right up when the weather changes and I can hike in it as it breathes well. It's not a solve everything jacket, but it's pretty awesome.

From: APauls
I’ve only ever had the Kuiu Superdown and then Ultra Superdown. Crazy warm especially for the weight. No hiking in them and noisy if on the outside. But for really cold whitetail sits I’ll throw it under my jacket. Unbelievable in that situation.

From: Nick Muche
The warmest puffy I've worn is the Chamberlin puffy from First Lite, second only to the Lost Park from Kifaru. I am sure the Sitka stuff is plenty warm as well and I've tried or owned all of the KUIU puffys...they are certainly lighter weight than the two I feel are the warmest and I usually opt for the Cirrus puffy from First Lite on all back pack hunts...when I know a base camp will be used and rough weather is likely, the Chamberlin or Lost Park are my go-to's.

If you are looking for something that won't break the bank, there are many options available and they'll all suit you just fine. I'd just rather support companies that support my way of life.

From: Surfbow
+1 on the Chamberlain, it is niiiiiiice and toasty, almost too warm for the early fall seasons

From: BGbasbhat
I'd put in a vote for Skre Ptarmigan 850. I have the non-hood version (Camofire $100) and it is awesome for a true lightweight puffer. Great zippers, fit, and is like a furnace. I was in 2 degrees glassing and I was warm. Skre was also great to work with and talk to about size/fit/etc.

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