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Water bladders for backpack ??
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From: tobinsghost
I've been using water bottles, nalgene, last three years but I want to go back to a bladder. Is there some out there now that don't give you the plastic aftertaste? Or, do you still need to treat them after every use. Any help would be appreciated, thx.

From: Predeter
I've had good luck with Source and HydroPak bladders. They seem better than the Camelbak to me.

From: kota-man
I just ordered a HydraPak Force 3L to try...Always been a Nalgene bottle user, but going to give a bladder a go this summer to see if it "passes" for this fall.

From: Jaquomo
I'm a bladder guy because I like to sip continuously. Use one several times a week from May - August, then daily through October (until it get and stays below freezing). I've never had any issues with Camelbacks, just make sure unchlorinated water doesn't sit in it and cause mildew, no matter which brand you use. If its going to sit for a few days I just blow out the tube and let the bladder dry while propped open. I've only found a need to use the cleaning tabs once or twice a season on each one if I properly maintain them.

All soft plastic bladders will impart some degree of "plastic" taste. Keeping them air-dried when sitting around really helps. Doesn't bother me but you can minimize it with a couple drops of lemon juice concentrate if needed.

From: ohiohunter
I love the convenience of a bladder, but cannot stand bite valves. Like Predeter said, the Source brand has been my go to. I've never had a plastic aftertaste, but your pallet may be more sensitive than mine. All of mine are green bladder with push/pull valves. I guess I've been lucky as I've often left my bladders full for long periods of time without issue, but I also try my best not to back wash.

From: axle2axle
Camelbak for sure...until the mercury drops well below freezing. For "just below freezing" mornings that will warm up winter hunting in Arizona...simply blow into the tube to force the water back into the bladder until the sun comes up.

Used to buy them at REI until they went commie and stopped selling anything from Camelbaks parent company Vista Outdoors. Vista Outdoors' mortal sin was to support the 2nd amendment of the constitution, the NRA, and sells parts for guns and ammo. Go figure.

Be sure to protect the mouth bite valve at night during summer hunts...seems field mice like to chew the soft bite valves off the end of the tube. Had this happen to me during a backpacking bowhunt in the eastern Sierra in August a few years back. Luckily I also had the quarter turn valve on the could still use the bladder...just had to drink from a chewed up bite valve every time I'd use it. I carry a spare bite valve with me now...and keep my pack inside my tent at night so the mice can't get to it. Ha!

Anyway, have used Camelbak for decades and would recommend them for all types of bowhunting. Kevin

From: smarba
Platypus have worked well for me and last for years. I'll second the advice of taking measures to keep mice from chewing the bite valve...

From: tobinsghost
Thx guys for all the comments!

Source here. No after taste.

i use the badlands bladders and there is no plastic taste, they work good.

From: JohnMC
I slammed the truck door on a camelbak and broke the value a few years ago so 1 don't do that. After it happened I went to nearest town to a Wal-Mart and bought a cheap one that did not have a off valve. But more of a bite and suck valve. I had it in pack and leaned against something with it on. By the time I realized it. The pressure of it being squeezed force a lot of water to leak out and get me wet. So 2 don't get one that can do that.

From: tobinsghost
JohnMC, too funny!

From: Mpdh
Flipped over the handlebars of my mountain bike and landed flat on my back. Camelback EXPLODED and soaked me.

Cooled me off real good, but no more water to drink and I was only half done with my ride.

From: Franklin
I have not noticed the "plastic taste" coming from the bladder. Where I did find it was from the clear foldable plastic jug I had pumped water into. In higher altitudes you have to drink constantly and the bladder is the easiest way.

I will use a bottle for a sportsdrink but plain water it`s a bladder.

From: kota-man
Took the HydraPak Force 3L on it’s maiden voyage tonight and it passed with flying colors. No plastic taste, hose and bite valve worked great. To dry it out/clean it up after use, you just turn it inside out. Bladders have improved since I last tried one. I may give this one a go this fall.

I've used the same camelback for a few years without any issues. I've got the one with the insulated hose and it definitely helps with freezing at real low temps.

PRO TIP: Store the bladder in the freezer when you are done using it, you'll never have to worry about mildew in the hose or bag or anything

From: rjlefty3
Not sure why I've never thought of that but that's straight gold muzzy - thanks for that!

From: kota-man
Great info...Thanks backcountrymuzzy...

3L Platypus, don't get that nasty Camelback taste

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