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has anyone ever made a homewade elk deco
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From: stikman

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new to bowsite I just got picked for ky archery crossbow either sex elk quota hunt and was looking to make a elk decoy

From: elkstabber
Congratulations on drawing a KY elk tag. Yes, I have made my own flat elk decoys out of corrugated plastic (like a realtors sign) and I've used Miss September by Montana Decoy. I bought a Heads Up and that is all that I use now. I would only consider an elk decoy if the area was really open so that the elk can see it. Keep in mind that what most consider open in KY would be considered dark timber anywhere in the west by elk hunters. You're looking for an area with 100+ yards of visibility in most directions. If you have that then maybe an elk decoy would be useful.

From: Jaquomo
The elk hat my wife made for me about 20 years ago is golden. It had sucked in and held more bulls than I can count, has calmed cows many many times when busted, when I drop down, put it on, give a couple social mews and act like a cow eating and looking at them, then back behind me.

But elkstabber gives good advice - a Heads Up or Ultimate Predator are great tools and very portable. I also use both.

From: Coyote 65
Made one out of a piece of cardboard, painted the rump cream, used a magic marker to outline tail, leg. Just the back half. Pulled in a nice 5 x 5 to 3 yds.


From: badbull
I made an elk and an antelope decoy out of actual capes/hides many years ago. The elk decoy worked but very cumbersome and tough to bowhunt with when worn over my head. The antelope was full body and I was able to get within 50 yards stalking a coyote. I had a problem getting within bow range of pronghorns without spooking them. Getting set up and pulling the bow did not work due to their keen eyesight. The commercial decoys work much better for me. I think for elk something like Coyote 65 suggests would be much better than what I made. Good luck on your Hunt........Bob

From: Jaquomo
Ishi made his deer decoy from a doe head skin stuffed with straw.

From: swede
I have made several out of burlap. They have no head. It is unimportant. It is easy to make one and I paint them with some black and white to coincide with the dark and light places on the elk. I place some brass eyelets in the high places to hang them by, and one at the bottom of each of the three legs to attach a stick to so they won't be flopping around too much in the wind. I am sure you can get by just fine without the brass eyelets.

Made mine over 25 years ago... Before there was a "Hunting Industry"

From: Darrell
I made one out of burlap that I painted to look like a cow elk rump. I could quickly and easily slip it over my stabilizer. Unfortunately, I left it someplace in the woods several years ago and haven't gotten around to making another. I can't say it actually worked for me, but I still think it was a great idea. I was hunting some thick stuff and if a bull would have come in, I think it would have given me a little more chance to move my bow for a shot.

I made one out of tan felt and painted the rump and legs. It was nice and soft and doubled as a blanket on cold nights :^)

From: Mbklmann14
Made one out of some brown fabric with a rope or string or shock cord running the whole length of the spine. Sewed some pockets on the backside of at the decoy at the bottom of the hooves to throw rocks or sticks or whatever to weight it down. Run your string between a couple trees and throw some weight in the pockets and call it good!

yes I did ,,, than I found Ultimate Predator Decoy,,,,however, hunting KY elk can not be that hard, I mean little pressure, and no predators,,,,,,, good luck,,,,

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