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Anybody use one? What do you think of it?

From: Two Feathers
I have one for a long time now and think it's great. Still I don't get to use it much. It has to be really cold to break out the HBS but when I do I stay warm. I tried wearing it in a tree stand but that was too scary trying to get into it 20 feet up so I only wear it when on the ground,

From: Catscratch
Pretty much the same as 2 bird leaf's... I have one and love it, but it isn't usually cold enough for me to use it a whole lot. I do use it while on ladder stands and I've found that on the ground it kind of acts as a blind. It keeps me warm and is easy to shoot a bow out of.

From: Aces11
I purchased and used an Iwom last year. I used it quite a bit in ND for rifle and archery hunting. Both on the ground and in a tree stand. I really liked it.

From: South Farm
Had one, sold it. Nuff said..

From: Moosemania
Best hunting purchase I've ever made hands down. Keeps me in the woods more because you just cant get cold in it. I've lost track of the number of deer it has helped me take with gun and bow.

I hunt in the UP late season,,,, nuff said,,,,, best thing I wear, hands down, no comparison to anything else..... would not go to Canada without it........

From: APauls
Have one, use it sparingly Nuff said. When you need it nothing else can keep you in the woods at that time...Nuff said. Hands down

From: Boreal
Never tried one....nuff said.

I use one frequently in November in the Midwest - I have limited time to hunt and sit all day to make the most of my time. I love it even on days that aren’t considered really cold as an all day sit in 30’s or 40’s with some wind gets me chilled lol. Also helps minimize movement and I can go in too the woods with minimal clothes on and not get sweated up

From: Burly
My oldest son got me one for Christmas, I got tired of being bundled up and sweating like a pig from the long walks It takes to get to most of my stands. Can't wait to use it this upcoming Late season. Oh yeah, Nuff said.

From: Boris
I have had one for over 15 years. I used it in Ohio muzzle loader season. Wind chill was -35 degrees. What cold. Best thing I ever got.

From: ronsoutdoors
I have one hardly use it but when I do I am glad to have it . haven't used it in tree yet but maybe this season

From: Aubs8
Definitely worth the money if you are going to sit 2 hours plus when temps are 20 degrees or colder...

Check Ebay or Craig's List...don't need a new one.

Take care. Mike

I hunt Manitoba, and use it almost exclusively in November. Easy to carry and not too bad to put on in the stand. Well worth the investment.

From: Buckndoe
Love it.

From: kscowboy
Was between this and the IWOM for my father. We hunt the West and the IWOM looked more user friendly for our style of hunting. He likes it.

From: bowhunter24
I like mine.

bought one in january have not used it yet, nuff said? , #nuff said, nuff said! NUFFNUFF!!!!!

From: Mule Power
It’s like a tool. It sits around collecting dust until you need it. But when you need it it’s downright priceless. Nothing beats having the right tool for a job. I love mine.

From: Bowbender8
There are threads going back to about 2003 that may be found by searching Heater. I participated in those and have said these things before. I've had mine about 16 years now. It is actually a homemade knockoff but very much a copy. My late wife and I built it. I have never lost a hunt to cold weather, and I've killed a handful of deer wearing it. I have never been busted while wearing it. I would still like to build a lighter weight version for moderate and even warm weather because as someone else mentioned, it serves much like a blind, hiding arm and leg movements. Deer pick us off when on stand by watching for our movements, from long distances. When they are in typical bow range, we are most often far enough above their line of vision that coming out of the suit to shoot is not a problem. I carry mine in a medium size duffel to the tree, and despite being in my late 60s and over weight, can put it on and off while aloft. I consider the factory suits to be a reasonably priced product given what they get you. Because of the way and when it is used, I've NEVER had to wash mine. It will last the rest of my life. I recommend getting one for any who sees weather under 25F .

From: DanaC

From: blackwolf
Ditto on Todd, and works in tree stands if you use large one like Summitt Gorilla.

From: Shawn
I owned one for a while, it was incredibly warm but it was just too bulky. Sitting in a blind on the ground, yes they are great but out of a tree not so much. I bought Cabela's wooltimate Whitetail Extreme Bibs and Jacket, just as warm or warmer and you can hunt from treestands in it! Shawn

From: APauls
I love it once it's on but feel like I am risking death every time i use it in a hang on.

Really? I'm guessing you don't use a harness? It's seems relatively simple for me. And I use the small Lone Wolf stand, so I don't have a big platform to maneuver on.

From: SBH
What do you guys wear for boots inside of them?

From: Huntiam
Best money you will ever spend

From: Boone
I always wonder about these units. Like the previous post says what kind of boots do you guys where in them?

From: maxracx
I own one and love it!!! I enjoy the late season here in WI. I wear my light weight hikers and have not had a problem with cold feet. I must have on windy Nov or Dec days.

From: Catscratch
I usually take my boots or shoes off before getting into the HBS. Toes have always been what gets cold on me first and with this thing that never happens.

I wear my ice fishing boots.

From: Griz34
I wear big bunny boots that I have from my time in the army. Anyone who says you can't wear a HBS in a stand is full of poop. I've worn mine in a small hang on many times. It's really nice when you need it, my biggest problem is there are some years when I never use it. I've had it for six years however and I've killed three bucks using it.

From: Huntcell
I got nothing .......nuff said......

From: APauls
Ya David, but my biggest problem putting it on is getting my feet in. My footwear is larger than usual for my body size so they are tight to get in there. Being bent over on a small platform working with your feet is the tough part.

From: RIT
I found the best way to stay warm is tag out before it gets too cold.

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