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Well Dad and I drew 66 for archery season. We are going to be there roughly from September 11th through the end of the season. Everything I’ve read seems like the unit is managed for a good population, but no real giants running around. Does anyone have any real preference of the three wilderness areas within the unit?? There looks to be some good drainages within La Garita where it borders 76. The other thing I’ve read is to try and avoid the outfitters that will be in the area. I guess overall I’m just trying to judge expectations from previous experience in this unit. Our plan is to have a fun hunt for elk this year and hopefully draw it for Mulies next year. Any tips or any areas to avoid is appreciated!

Thanks, Alex


Are you planning on going unguided? Backpack or horses?

We are going unguided with packs. We usually pack in anywhere from 4-7 miles set up camp and hunt from there. Going to a new unit we usually go in light and stay mobile until we find elk and then pack in from that point. We’ve had pretty good experiences and success in New Mexico/Colorado over the past 6 years.

From: badbull
It sounds like you have the right approch for success in 66. As you are probably aware there has been major beetle kill in the area which can be both good and bad. If you need additional but older info l might be able to help by going through my old information. You can pm me your phone number and l will call you after l go through my stuff and tell you what l know. Good hunting to you..............Bob

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