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Tess Talley on CBS -Trophy Hunting
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Brotsky 07-Jun-19
Joey Ward 07-Jun-19
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kota-man 07-Jun-19
From: Brotsky

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Did anyone catch Tess Talley on CBS This Morning this a.m. talking about trophy hunting? I thought she did an ok job considering she was sitting in the lion's mouth. I would have emphasized a few different things that she did not but overall she represented us. If anyone ever questioned what we are up against as hunters in this country, take a trip over to the CBS This morning FB page and read the comments. The ignorance is blinding.

From: Joey Ward
Yeah....I felt she was unprepared for the possible questions. Her answers didn't feel very thought out.

I guess what I'm saying is, they didn't ask her on the show THIS morning.

From: LINK
She did ok. I don’t consider myself well spoken but feel I could have likely done better. They compared tourism money to hunting money. She should have explained how tourism money doesn’t go into the coffers of conservation like hunting does. She should have also stated that without the big license fees in Africa that go to the government there would be little incentive for government to persue poachers and promote conservation. When I buy tags a lot of that goes into conservation. When I buy cameras and hotel rooms it goes into individuals pockets.

From: kota-man
I struggled watching it, but it was kinda like a car wreck...I kept peeking in. I agree with Pat...If you can't do the job, stay out of it. She wasn't horrible/bad, but it was not a "win"...

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