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Bye Bye Cabelas Visa
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From: Darrell
OK, I was one of the very first people to get the "Cabelas Club Visa" when it first came out, I believe in 1995. In 2005, they sent me a pocketknife thanking me for being a loyal ten year customer. However, in the BassPro buyout they changed our account from a Visa to a MasterCard and many benefits went away. No more rental car damage waiver coverage, cell phone coverage, etc.

Maybe the worst thing is that Cabelas house name products no longer carrying a lifetime warranty and my guess is because they also no longer have the same quality standards. BassPro has all but ruined a great company in my opinion so after 24 years of being a very loyal (and lucrative for them) customer, we are switching to a 3% cash back in first year and 2.5% from then on card. Honestly, we should have done it years ago but I loved my Cabelas. Good news is I can now buy stuff wherever I want without thinking, "But I could use points at Cabelas."

What really chaps me is that several months ago I called in asking about rental car coverage and they told me that should still be good. Glad I didn't need it because in looking deeper, the card I have in my wallet has none.

Anyone else making the change? Anyone not realize some of the benefits you have lost in the transition?

From: Jim Moore
As soon as I pay off the small amount and use what points I have remaining, I am bailing out as well. I would rather have a card that has travel miles or other rewards. I can walk into a Cabelas/Bass Pro store and see absolutely nothing to buy. Over the years I have accrued pretty much all I need as far as outdoor items go. If I do go to a big store, I usually go to a Sportsmans Warehouse.

I agree...Cabelas just doesn't have that "feel" about it anymore. Nothing to get excited about.

From: Ben
Yes, I too am very disappointed in the Bass Pro turn around. With my Cabelas points I bought several guns, tents, generators etc. I always bought Cabelas because of the points and the good standing behind their products. I was never impressed with Bass Pro and the Redhead brand. We quit using our Cabelas card shortly after the buy out. When I buy any more I try to use Scheels or Academy for my needs. When our card expires that will be it for us.

yes... soon I will be closing mine as well.. I absolutely hate Capital One and I also believed that the benefits that Cabelas used to offer through their 'Worlds Foremost Bank' were outstanding.. its really sad what has happened to Cabelas. It used to be such a great place to shop. I remember as a kid passing through Nebraska on road tips we would go a little out of our way to stop and it felt like Disney land.. Oh well, all good things come to an end

From: KY EyeBow
Got rid of mine as soon as they changed to Capial One. Much better card deals out there with real "cash rewards" instead of being limited to Bass Pro gear. 2% cash rewards are where you should be looking.

From: Paul@thefort
Recently I went to the Colorado Thornton Store to use my points and purchase a new pair of Sitka mt pant. Not in stock and they have no idea IF they will be or WHEN. I will be changing in the near future also.

From: INbowdude
I'm joining that band wagon soon. Gotta use those points.

From: Scoot
About a year ago. Definitely don't miss it.

From: brantman
got rid of mine ,lousy service and too many changes

From: yooper89
Burned my points and canceled several months back. I have better cards with better rewards. I don’t have time for Cabelas anymore.

From: Heat
Thank you for the reminder to cancel this card.

From: swede
Cabelas is going to have to become more competitive to stay in business. I expect them to continue to get cheaper on service and less agreeable when people want to return the boots they wore all hunting season. Amazon and others are going to eat their lunch if they don't change more. I looked at Cabelas for a new Leupold rifle scope. The one I purchased through Amazon cost me $323.00 with free shipping and it arrived in just under two full days. Cabelas wanted $549.95 for essentially the same thing,and who knows when it would have arrived. My scope had a duplex reticle and the Cabelas one came with a B&C duplex reticle.

From: Rob in VT
Got rid of my Cabelas card as soon as they announced the switch to Master Card. No regrets. I have the Chase Amazon Card and been very happy with it.

i dumped them and bass pro also. much better cards and deals out there.

From: wheels
Yeah, but you can go to Springfield Bass Pro and pay $40 to go thru the Wonders of Wildlife that the taxpayers footed the bill for and Johnny Morris is reaping the benefits.

It went away when they wouldn't replace a delaminated Cabela's brand rain suit.

From: Huntcell
Changed years ago. But never canceled it. Since Bass Problem took over I have gotten swamped with advertising emails even though I was Unsubscribing constantly it was doing no good. Finally called and was promised they would stop. They have almost..... still get one now and then.

Corporate acquisitions lesson in how to screw things up.

From: Dale06
I had a Cabela’s Black card for over 15 years. It expired six months ago and I never renewed with Bass Pro. My purchases in Cabelas/Bass Pro is a small fraction of what it was before the merger. Lots of reasons for that, most of which are mentioned above.

From: jjs
Was just in Cabela's several days ago, the wife was buying a couple of shirts and I got their last spider legs silencers, a sales person was trying to sign my wife up for their credit card and told him that I already shredded the original card and didn't need another, although he was pimping $100 off first purchase.

From: spyder24
I agree 100% to cancel your Cabelas Card. Read my earlier post on this site named "WARNING Cabelas Card". Capital One Mastercard has ruined the Cabelas Club Card. I am getting rid of my Cabelas Card as soon as I receive my gift card with my points on it.

From: Deertick
Well, sounds like you guys have made a good case. I need to burn some “points” and move on.

Credit card info ... is there ANYTHING that Bowsite can’t do?

From: Dave
The Cabela's that "was" is no more. As soon as they went public and started having to answer to shareholders, CS started to decline. As soon as BPS bought them out, I knew they were through. I used to make thousands in purchases there every year. Now, I can find the same stuff cheaper elsewhere. There are no benefits to buying from Cabela's anymore. Sad, but true. I left them a couple yrs ago. What's really surprising to me is that BPS is still thriving. They're the worst, IMO. Who shops there????

that's what I am doing,,, using my points and I am gone

From: trublucolo
Like others, once Capital One got involved I dumped it. Bass Pro mismanagement of the merger has ended my affair with Cabelas as well.

From: Jims
I got rid of my Cabelas card many years ago. I'm not sure if it still holds true but the only thing I could burn my Cabelas pts on was things sold at Cabelas. My current credit card offers the option of cashing in my pts for cash or substantial discounts on airfares, etc. There are impressive incentives for signing up for new cards (up to 50,000 pts that can be used on travel, etc).

From: Darrell
Yep, I just did a google search for "best cash back credit cards" and found one that gives 3% back in year one and 2.5% thereafter. It does have a $99 per year charge after the first year but it doesn't take long to earn that back at 2.5% since we charge pretty much everything and then pay it off each month.

From: 3arrows
Didn't Pro Bass steal the loaned mounts at the Bear museum?

From: WoodMoose
I burned my points, canceled the card and moved on withing a month of the deal closing,,,, mastercard ain't for me (well neither is visa, but hey, I was a cabelas junky)

better stuff to be found elsewhere,,,

From: Hoot
Got rid of mine years ago, Dave mentioned it earlier, but cabelas problems started well before bass pro bought them out. Once they went public, their branded gear quality went in the toilet. I had Berber fleece that lasted 10 years goose hunting, replaced it and it didn’t even last a season... Sad what the bass pro buy out did to Sidney NE, talk about a town killer...

From: SonofButch
I never renewed my new Cabelas card when it was sent to me. Paid the old one off and cut it up. Went to Cabelas yesterday and paid cash.

There's no reason to stay loyal to a company. That's just something that men do. It's your money.

Get an Alaska Airlines card, a Costco card, and a Shell/Chevron/whatever gasoline company is around where you live card. Buy everything on them that maxes out the points, pay them off every month, and fuggem.

From: Olink
What took you so long to get rid of it? There are cards out there that give you 2% back on EVERYTHING with no annual fee.

From: Tom
I still have my cabala's black card but do not use it as much. Prices at cabala's are now where near as good as they used to be. I can find MUCH lower prices almost all the time. And their sales are not much of a sale anymore. I got a Fleet Farm card with similar rewards, I buy more "things" there than cabala's anyhow

From: Shiras42
My opinion is that Cabela's will be bankrupt within 10 years. Not the company that it once was for sure! I have a store 50 minutes from my house and could go in there, look around for 15 minutes without buying a thing and be done for the next year until I forget what a joke they have become. All they are now is a clothing store with most employees not knowing anything about the product they are selling. The archery department being one of the worst. Someone here nailed it that it really started to decline when they went public.

From: Native Okie
Can’t believe it took you this long.

From: Z Barebow
I think I was an original member also. Dumped them ~ a year ago. Got a Citi-Bank 2% cash back card and no annual fee. Use it for everything except I use the Scheels card at Costco to buy gas since they do not take MasterCard.

From: elk yinzer
2% Fidelity Rewards card. Set it up to invest rewards in index funds automatically. I see it as total bonus money. Kick in loose couch change, a little extra here and there. Let it sit for 30-40 years, when wife and I retire (or sooner) that's our play money separate from our "real" retirement accounts.

From: JB
Took my Dad to the Owatonna store Sunday because he wanted to burn some of his points. Fishing section sucks for Walleye stuff. Very disorganized. I used to love going there. Last 2 trips have been very disappointing.

From: Surfbow
What's Cabela's?

From: moon
3Arrows Bass Pro had our loaned mounts. It took a bit to finally find the right contact and they did return all to us.

From: bow-hnt
Cabela's used to be an awesome company, no longer ... I agree Bass pro has ruined them, they will just become a Bass Pro and the Cabela name will go away. Amazon is killing these stores , Their CEO better take notice, or Bass Pro also will be a thing of the past.

From: Davejones
It’s the wall mart of outdoor gear.

From: Blue Buck
We got a letter from Cabela's telling us to switch membership from Costco to Sam's Club since they were switching from VISA to MasterCard! What a dumb thing to tell your customers. That whole transition is a joke.

From: 3arrows
Moon, Thanks for the update, glad things work out.

From: 12yards
I'm keeping mine for a backup card. Scheels card is my primary now.

From: cnelk
Man, some of you had the Cabelas card longer then most have had a bad wife.

From: Muley
Saw a report on KSID Radio news that cabelas is selling 11 stores to Sansome Pacific real estate firm for 324.3 million. Locations not specified.

From: keepemsharp
Has anyone recently heard from Highby? A group of ex Cabelas people in Sidney. Signed up for an e-mail update but have heard nothing. Would like to wish them luck like I did in Sidney in 1961.

From: c5ken
Cancelled mine last month...

From: RobinHood
Loyal Cabela's customer until I got screwed over by Bass Pro Shop on a defective item. Decided then and there that I no longer would do business with a company that treated customers that way. I had my Cabela’s Black card for well over a decade but when it expired last fall, I never renewed it.

From: MathewsMan
I just switched to Alaska Airlines CC so I can get their $99 Round trip fares and codes to the lower 48.

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