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Turpin Meadows Wyoming
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Deertick 07-Jun-19
Hessticles 08-Jun-19
Alaskajim 08-Jun-19
Alaskajim 08-Jun-19
brunse 08-Jun-19
Deertick 10-Jun-19
Pop-r 14-Jun-19
ben h 15-Jun-19
Deertick 15-Jun-19
midwest 15-Jun-19
From: Deertick
Anyone been up in there?

Planning a horse camp in the area for fun this summer, and looking for intel .... not necessarily for hunting — just summer fun (at this point). Looks like established trails and great horse country. (Minus the grizzlies, of course .. and yes, we know there are big bears up there, and wolves ... that’s not “part of the adventure” but certainly manageable risk).

From: Hessticles
Isnt that where the guide was killed last year by a griz?

From: Alaskajim
Yes, it was north of Turpin meadows were a fatal bear attack happened last fall. That bear has been removed. Perfect bear habitat there and its A great place for riding. About 15 miles from the trailhead is the ‘parting of the waters’. The creek splits on the continental divide and one branches heads for the Gulf of Mexico and the other branch heads for the Pacific Ocean. Bring bear spray and a gun, keep your eyes open. You’ll more than likely see elk, deer and plenty of bear sign.

From: Alaskajim
—-deleated double post——

From: brunse
I spent a bunch of time east of that country. The Thorofare. That was 20 years and a lifetime ago

From: Deertick
Sounds like a good spot for an adventure, then.

Photos on return.

From: Pop-r
Be safe! Awaiting those photos!

From: ben h
I heard about the "parting of the waters" about 10 years ago or so, but haven't been there. Sounds like a cool place and not many rivers or streams hit the continental divide perfect and are cut in half and half goes to the gulf of Mexico and the other to the Pacific. I think the only logical thing to do is to pee in the river on the divide so you can say you've pissed in both oceans at the same time.

From: Deertick
Ben, I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of that. I will not be taking photos of that op but will consider it. 15 miles from trailhead ... I should need a rest stop by then!

From: midwest
Enjoy, John!

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