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Whitetail Deer
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From: Higgs
Planning a hunt to northwest NE for a week for whitetail/mule deer. Looking at fort Robinson soldier creek wilderness and other public land in the area. Does anyone have experience in the area?

From: jingalls
Are you targeting whitetail or mule deer. My dad grew up in Harrison and we have friends and family in that part of the state. Hunted and trout fished that area growing up. Wonderful place to hunt!!!

From: Lawboytom
Put a lot of miles on in that area last fall and saw more people doing the same than deer. We went as far in on the wilderness area as you can and deer and sign were scarce. I’ve been on the NE forum too and I’ll say it again, The only time I’ll visit NE during hunting season is passing through to another state. Wanted a good hunt I could take my dad on but this hunt was awful and everyone I talked to said the same.

From: Robear
My experience was similar to what Lawboytom found. Hunted Pine Ridge, Fort Robinson, Warbonnet Creek, to the boundary of Wyoming. I saw three Muley bucks, two were actually decent bucks, but they had been spooked by other hunters and never slowed down for the two miles I could see them. As with anywhere, I'm sure the private is pretty good, but that public gets hammered.

From: map1
Great area if your on private land. I've seen pics of 130s WT come out of Fort Rob but it's rare. A mulie in that area won't live past 3 years old. Look to eastern Montana or Wyoming

From: shb

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The interwebs have pages upon pages of "I'm planning to hunt NE, what can you tell me?" threads.

But the "I had a super satisfying, and enjoyable hunt" threads are scarcer than hens teeth.

There's a reason for that........unlimited tags, and almost no public land.

But hey, my plan is better than the other 10,000 guys with the same Idea.

A lot of Nebraskans don't even hunt NE for deer anymore.

Its devolved into a sad state of affairs.

From: Michael
The non pine ridge areas were better hunting in that corner of the state.

I haven’t been in the area for a few years but never did have that much action in the pine ridge stuff. Outside the trees was much better.

From: Shawn
I believe it depends where and how you hunt. Where I hunt in Kansas it borders Nebraska. I have had the same group of guys from PA stay at the same motel I stay at and they hunt Nebraska. They do pretty well on public. The last 3 times out they have killed at least one buck over 140"s and taken several more over 125"s. There are 4 or 5 of them. I have scouted several spots and I have seen some very good bucks on public. I believe guys go on these out of state hunts for a week and expect miracles. 6 days of hunting ecsp on public just is not enough time, unless you get lucky. A minimum of 2 weeks and more really ups your odds in any decent whitetail state. Shawn

One of the worst states that I have seen for game mgt, and its a beautiful state in many ways.....

agree with Shawn

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