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Spot Hogg double pin or IQ pro hunter?
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INelite 09-Jun-19
Ucsdryder 09-Jun-19
YZF-88 09-Jun-19
Franklin 09-Jun-19
KB 10-Jun-19
Jaquomo 10-Jun-19
c5ken 10-Jun-19
Bowfreak 10-Jun-19
bad karma 10-Jun-19
rattles33 10-Jun-19
BOWUNTR 10-Jun-19
INelite 10-Jun-19
From: INelite
Looking to buy either a spot Hogg fast Eddie with the double pin or the IQ pro hunter. Anyone have these sights?

From: Ucsdryder
I have a hog father which is pretty similar to the fast Eddie xl, except it has the micro adjust. I have the single pin, I wish it was the double pin. No complaints at all.

From: YZF-88
I have the Fast Eddie XL 2 pin and really like it. I've actually used that 2nd pin on both of my mule deer the last couple years. Actually just finished printing a site tape for it after reducing my draw weight. Don't foresee changing any time soon.

From: Franklin
2 of my hunting buddies have just switched to the IQ....they love it and I shot his bow with it to see how it worked. Great site and reasonably priced.

From: KB
Buy them both and sell the loser. Only you’ll be able to decide which is the winner for your setup. Personally I hate horizontal pins. Shot vertical fixed and single sliders for a dozen years or so and then the XL Double came out. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s my dream sight for the way I hunt.

From: Jaquomo
KB, I sent you a PM.

From: c5ken
I have the Fast Eddie XL double. Great sight. You'll be happy with that one...

From: Bowfreak
I have the Tommy with a double pin. I love it. I set it at 30 yards for elk hunting and my second pin is on around 45 yards. I set it to 25 for whitetails and have shot 6-8 deer the past few years with it. It works great for my style.

From: bad karma
I have the Fast Eddie double as well. Everything is adjustable and everything works.

It is a darn good sight. Negatives, because everything is adjustable it needs to be tight or something will come out of calibration. And, you have to be habitually turning it back to your base yardage after a long shot, or you'll forget and sail an arrow 2 feet over your next target.

From: rattles33
I’ve got the Fast Eddie. I like the two pin feature but not very bright for my old eyes

I have the IQ Pro on my last two bows... love it, zero complaints. Ed F

From: INelite
Thanks everyone for your input it looks like I will be ordering the spot Hogg fast eddy xl.

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