Best Area 4 Non-Agriculture Deer ?
Whitetail Deer
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From: Teeton
This is kinda a spin off of Pat's thread, Best sleeper state 4 trophy whitetails? & Rick's thread, Simply genetics?......

As we all know most of the biggest whitetails come for areas that have lot of agriculture, like corn, wheat, soybeans, alfalfa and so on. But what about deer that come from areas that don't have lots of agriculture? Lets say that it more of 90% wooded? or like Northeast Pa that have lots of areas that are wooded but also have some dairy farms that are mostly hayfield's with very little corn or alfalfa?? My area come's in with mostly wooded with some dairy farm's or abandoned (closed) farms....

I know that hunting for deer (size, antlers) and bear has been the bests it's ever been and is still getting better every year.

So what area's is bringing the best non-agricultural deer hunting, with fair to good deer number's and a good change at a 140+ deer ??? Ed

From: Brotsky
I'd tell you Ed but it's public land :-)

From: JTV
Hoosier Nat. Forest (Southern Indiana) and over in S. Illinois, the Shawnee Nat. Forest .. .......

From: spike78
Depends on how many deer your talking? Here in New England we have hardly any Ag but some nice bucks are killed every year.

From: APauls
Canadian provinces

From: 12yards
Some great bucks are killed in Northern MN every year. But you will be contending with wolves and lower deer numbers.

From: Buskill
Southern WV bow only counties have some studs

From: Shawn
Agree on WV bow only counties, there is a bit of mix like you said. Some real heavy wooded country. The Adirondack mountains in NY produce quiet a few 140" plus deer but mostly killed by rifle hunters. I do have a friend who hunts the Adirondack park but in the foot hills and he kills a good buck every year 120-140"s. Shawn

From: bigswivle
Alberta bush country maybe?

From: Teeton
Thanks everyone for posting. Was just kinda looking to see what every ones thoughts were on this subject.. As it's the habitat I hunt and you never hear anyone taking about big, big woods deer.. I know that agricultural areas have good spring, summer and fall food. My area has, well food that grows in big woods.. But a don't know why but the last few years my area has had such great nut crops that are holding over into late spring. I think it's been really helping the deer herd out, with them not loosing a lot of weight over winter.

What winter foods do the big deer ag areas have for deer to winter over with? I've never been to a mid west ag area in winter.. Ed

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