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Blurry, Double Pins
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Tilzbow 11-Jun-19
StickFlicker 11-Jun-19
Oldreb 11-Jun-19
Charlie Rehor 11-Jun-19
WapitiBob 11-Jun-19
Ogoki 11-Jun-19
Junior 11-Jun-19
Deertick 11-Jun-19
Franklin 11-Jun-19
Tilzbow 12-Jun-19
WapitiBob 12-Jun-19
Russ Koon 12-Jun-19
Jethro 12-Jun-19
spikehorn 12-Jun-19
Ambush 12-Jun-19
StickFlicker 12-Jun-19
MT Livin' 12-Jun-19
trophyhill 12-Jun-19
darralld 13-Jun-19
From: Tilzbow
Just a little background... My uncorrected vision distance is about 40/40 and I require +2.25 readers. If shooting without correction, pins are okay but the target isn't as clear as I'd like it to be. If shooting with correction (contacts) pins are blurry and sometimes I nearly see two pins side by side. This is especially true when shooting at longer distances.

Any suggestions how to clear up the blurry pins? I've heard of clarifiers for a peep but I'm not certain if that's the solution I'm looking for.

From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's Link
Verifier or Clarifier peep site.

From: Oldreb
Do you shoot with one or both eyes open? If you shoot with both eyes open try closing your non shooting eye and see if the double vision of the sight pins goes away.

Welcome to the “brotherhood”. Means your 50+.

Verifier did it for me. Use Green pins only or maybe a yellow, pitch the red ones as they are major distorters for older eyes.

From: WapitiBob
I use a single pin and just put all 3 green dots on ‘em.

From: Ogoki
Wow this thread came the exact day i resolved my DOUBLE PIN issue , which I have dealt with 3 years . Was shooting this morning ,seeing my DOUBLE pins. Dahhhh , it struck me , I mentioned to my eye Dr about this and he said my eyes had changed enough ,since 4 years ago ,that could be my issue. Went to house and got me new glasses and NOW I AM ONLY SEEING ONE Pin . Wow my problem solved. Had not been wearing new glasses ,since I got them a month ago. Didn't want to scratch them I guess. I even made a post on here last winter asking about this . Got lots of responses ,but no one mentioned my old vision . Guess they didn't think of that . Problem solved for me .

From: Junior
Sucks getting old...thumbs up to Bobs attitude! At 20 yards all 3 are in the kill zone.

From: Deertick
Check for cataracts. Helped me.

From: Franklin
Regular glasses don`t work for me as the way I draw my bow the pins fall right in between the lens. I tried contacts but cannot tolerate any type of contact. I had to take the lenses and a frame from a pair of safety glasses and make a pair of hunting glasses.

It is a bitch getting old.

From: Tilzbow
Looks like I need to try a verifier. Thanks for the input and yes I’m a few years over 50! I had lasik at 38 and it was well worth the 14 years of great vision but my distance vision has dropped off the past few years.

From StickFlicker’s link:

A Verifier is used when you shoot with pins to clear up the pins, and a Clarifier is used when you shoot with a scope and a lens to clear up the target. Verifiers are generally preferred by older archers who have lost some ability to focus on objects that are close-up, such as sight pins. Clarifiers are usually preferred by tournament archers who want to see the target more clearly when looking through a scope.

From: WapitiBob
Get a set of prescription Pilla’s; no bridge.

From: Russ Koon
There are several solutions, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Personal choice which one fits you best.

I tried them all, and the one that worked best for e was to go with the contacts in different focal distances, or "powers" as they are often referred to. I liked the aiming eye, my right, to have the pins in pretty sharp focus. It not only helped me shoot my best, but kept the pins visible in the lower light conditions when the hunting is usually best. I did find it best to close my left eye at final aim, to avoid occasionally getting a confused signal to the brain that would cause a wide miss to the left, about foot and a half at 30 yards, on a shot that felt perfect. It shouldn't happen, but I've talked with other archers who had the same thing occur. It's just once in a while, but under the right lighting conditions I would occasionally see the pin settle on the spot I wanted to hit while I was concentrating too much on the target with my left eye. The brain normally selects the better image from the two offered it by your eyes and does so automatically and smoothly, but it can get confused once in a while. Seemed like I had it happen more often in dappled sunlight and at ranges around thirty yards. It was a hard one to diagnose correctly, but after I finally figured it out, the obvious fix was to close the left eye as I came to final aim. Just took a short while to make that a habit, and the weird miss never happened again.

I prefer the aiming eye to have the sharp focus on the pin, about thirty inches from my eye, as the target will only be slightly fuzzy, while the pin will be very much more affected by the eye being focused on the target thirty yards away.

Readers are normally selected to provide sharp focus at about sixteen to eighteen inches from the eye, which is good for reading the paper, but can result in fuzzy pins that disappear in the dusk.

You might find that a set of readers with a little less correction for close distance would give you the best compromise. Good thing about them, the $3 ones at the supermarket are decent, so you can try couple different powers and get a good idea of what works best for you before spending more. Since you already wear contacts at times, you'll find it easier than most to get the best combination, and if you want to go with the "monovision" method like I did (one eye for distance, the other for the 30" focal distance) the cost is only getting a scrip for the shorter focal distance for the contacts you'll be wearing to hunt or shoot.

I liked the combination so well that I used them most of the time. Found it handier than carrying readers when shopping, as I could read the labels and ingredients and such without putting readers on and still read those signs at the far ends of the aisles telling me where the coffee or the soups were.

From: Jethro
You may want to discuss multifocal contact lenses with your eye dr. They are bi/tri focals in a contact lens.

From: spikehorn
The Verifier solved my problem and a few of my hunting partners

From: Ambush
I've been using a verifier for several years. The 5/16" housing will give you a 1/4" lense to look through and the 1/4" housing will give you 3/16". Depends on the the diameter of your sight housing and how far from your eye the sight is which one you need. Check your current set up to determine..

I also just turned 50. Eyes have always been good and have never worn any form of correction. I have been struggling with a bit as of late. I tried contacts and didn't notice a "huge" improvement. After speaking to one of Bowsite's finest, who also happens to be an optometrist, I got some great advice....I started using eye drops, or more specifically, artificial tears. I was suffering from dry eyes and now my vision is much better. I'm not saying my eyes are as good as they used to be but for now I'm pretty happy with my vision.

From: StickFlicker
You mentioned that you had lasik. Some eye doctors will do follow-up surgeries for free if years later your vision changes. You might also check to see if that is an option, since that will help our overall vision and not just for archery. Otherwise, my shooting partner swears by the Verifier.

From: MT Livin'
Solution: wear one contact and keep both eyes open. I've been hunting with one contact for years, let's me see far away but also read my maps up close

From: trophyhill
I had some blurring and or some haloing going on. Then I changed peeps and went to the "String Splitter" peep. Haven't had that issue since.

From: darralld
Verifier will be a game changer for you.

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