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Elk research on beetle kill effects
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From: squid

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Interesting article. Wondering if this is consistent with peoples experience.

I hunted a beetle kill area a few years ago that was relatively new. Lots of elk back then, assuming now 4 years later that may be a different case with the timber possibly being down.


From: yooper89
Couldn't catch me on Muley Freak's website the week after news got out that he was caught poaching on the same ranch in Utah for the third time.

From: Jaquomo
Havent read the article yet but in my area the deadfall has definitely changed their travel patterns, as well as mine.. Every year I have to re-learn my spots, have given a couple of the best ones up.

From: squid
I don't know who or care who muley freak is, I was just forwarded the article around elk and beetle kill research.

Beetle kill hasn’t changed elk patterns at all where I hunt. They still use the same areas and travel corridors, although the new trails certainly make detours around all the fallen timber. Each year they’re a little different in places, but only by yards, not miles.

That said, it’s a constant PITA for me! Every year I have to clear one of the old roads that I park my atv on. I have to do the same on the trail leading down to my treestand. Of course, there’s always a few that come down during the season that I have to clear as well. Needless to say, my chainsaw gets a workout in what has become the new normal.

From: cnelk
^^^ well said Rob. Same way for me

From: gil_wy
Huge pain but lots elk and few hunters... if it ever burns and clears out the down timber then the hunters will outnumber the elk.

where i have hunted beetle kill it looks like the elk go through it like it aint even there just an easy walk for them.

From: fubar racin
The little hole I usually rifle hunt has seen less and less elk as the beetle kill has hit the ground, archery spot that has very little beetle kill seems to have more and more elk every year. Might be coincidence I’m not sure but I am sure rifle and archery are both in the same spot this year.

From: trophyhill
Part of ecological succession I guess you could say. I definitely saw the decline of wild animals 3 years ago in 80-81 in several areas where previously there was abundance....

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