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Shiloh Ranch: A New Chapter
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Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo
Tradman and Huntress's embedded Photo
It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since we purchased the land that was to become Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp! We have so many fond memories of the good times we shared with our guests. We've made many friends from across the country, and even around the world in the people who walked through our gates the first time as clients. We've laughed together and we've cried together. You became a part of our family and many of you will be our lifetime friends. But through these tear-filled eyes, I am trying to type that we have chased our last piggies on Shiloh Ranch. It's time to pass the reins on to someone younger, and we have found the perfect people to fill that spot in Jon and Linda Holmes. Jon has been helping to keep the ranch stocked with hogs over the past dozen years or so, so he's no stranger to the ranch.

This week, we signed the papers and transferred the ownership over to this wonderful couple with our full confidence that they will continue to operate the business with the highest of standards. Over the past week, we have been busy calling all of our guests who have hunts booked just so they can rest assured that their deposits have been transferred to the new owners and that they will have the same quality of hunt that they've always had here. Our ranch hand, Les, is staying on to work for the Holmes and we made sure that the transition will be seamless.

In the meantime, we are moving about an hour away to be closer to the church we pastor. Our little congregation has grown and it's time we move into a bigger building, so that will be our primary focus now, to help people in ways we never could before while running a hunting ranch. It's bittersweet to say goodbye to the ranch, but we are so very excited about the future of our church.

If you have any memories of your hunt with us, please take a minute to share it with us here and we will do the same. There are just so many good memories we can't possibly remember them all. Maybe we'll even share some of the unsavory things that happened (that Matt would never let me write

Thank you all whom have been such a blessing to us. You made our lives richer in so many ways. We cherish every minute we got to share around the campfire, helping track your hogs, or even sitting in the storm shelter (some of our best times were during tornadic storms!). We especially want to thank Pat Lefemine and his family for not only providing us with this special place through which we got to meet you all, but for the wonderful times we got to spend together when you all came down to visit. It's folks like you that made this all such a special time in our lives.

You will all be missed sorely, but never forgotten. We look forward to following along with your continued adventures at Shiloh Ranch. Please make sure to take lots of pictures for us!

Forever in our hearts, Matt and Cheryl Napper

From: White Falcon
Best of luck with your future, Enjoy!

From: Scar Finga
Blessings to you and your wonderful wife! Prayers your way in your new adventures... I have always wanted to come out there and hunt the piggy's, and I will be watching to see if I still do. I hope the new owners are at least half as well respected as you are!!

Best of luck, and God Bless!!!!

From: JohnMC
Oh no was it BowJangles that made you say it was enough? :)

I never been there but heard nothing but great things. Grew not to far from there in Hugo. I miss the country but not the hot summers. Good luck in future!

From: boothill
Way too many stories to tell and a lot of good times within those gates. Matt and Cheryl we will all miss you around the ranch and the camp fire. Wish you all the best in your new endeavors.

Best always with your future! C

From: Drahthaar
Hope you two have a great new adventure , will miss reading your post, I know a little dog that going to be disappointed. Forrest

From: hunt4life

hunt4life's embedded Photo
hunt4life's embedded Photo
Yes a lot of good times down in Oklahoma. I wish you both the best on your new adventure, I think you will both prosper in many ways while helping others. You will certainly be missed, along with the scorpion traps and missing firewood.

By the way that is sure a fine hog you are posing with! That's one of the stories that I won't change how I tell it!

From: BigOk
Good luck with your next chapter.

From: Buffalo1
Wishing you only the best as the Lord leads you toward a new chapter in life.

The church where you pastor is fortunate to have great spiritual leadership as you two.

May God Bless

We had fun there.. enough to buy land 30 minutes south of you near bowlegs.. best to you and all good things come to an end..

From: INbowdude
And just like that I lost my junior assistant guide job. Mom and dad moved away! LOL, best of luck. I have truly enjoyed my trips (bringing home critters or not). Such a special place with special people. The Porkapalooza was born at Shiloh and became a teenager (13) there.

From: Brotsky
Best of luck Matt and Cheryl! God bless you on your new adventure!

From: bad karma
Memories....watching Sage track hogs. My first trip, I hit a smallish red boar high, we went tracking after dark. All of a sudden, Sage had a black boar by the neck, growling and tugging. That dog was tougher than a platoon of Marines.

Great times having a smoked hog, or just a dinner I brought up, getting to know "the cousins," Matt and Cheryl.

Seeing the many trophies Matt and Cheryl had on the wall. Slogging through mud when 1/3 of the ranch was inaccessible due to creek flooding. My son's first bowkills were all there, and over the years, I've probably brought a dozen bowhunters for their first kills to the ranch.

And getting to know Les, aka "Country" on his first time working with hunters for Matt and Cheryl. Slowest skinning job in the state, a lot faster now, but a genuinely happy man, and a good fellow. Matt and Cheryl rescued him from tough times, a testament to the good they will bring to their church.

Two of the best folks you will ever meet. While it's our loss that they won't be running Shiloh Ranch, it's their gain for the people in their new community and the Arbuckle Pentecostal Church. They are a magnificent team.

Our first trip to Shiloh I had no idea what to expect actually as I reflect it is also how I found bowsite. I had been looking at internet reviews I believe in 2002 on hog hunts after two previous hog hunts one on a day lease in Texas and another on large ranch in Oklahoma actually just down the road. The funny thing is during the Oklahoma hunt they were telling me how bad Shiloh was, and how they would never recommend anyone go there. In hindsight I should have booked directly from camp after hunting with that joker.

Memorial Day weekend was our first trip 2002, we were blown away by the hospitality at Shiloh and how fun environment they had created. Long story short we have gone every year since, at least one trip some times two. It didn't take Matt long to convince us to discard that May date and come in January when Oklahoma temps can be a little more friendly. Our group has grown and shrunk by the year but one things stays the same we are always thinking about Shiloh and when we can get back. Looking forward to the new owners and what new experiences they will bring, think its safe to say they have big shoes to fill.

From: BowJangles
LOL @ JohnC! I had nothing to do with it, I promise!

Matt and Cheryl, sorry I missed you guys. The Ranch is is good hands! Jon and Linda are awesome people and we had a blast this weekend. I'm already looking forward to a return trip.

Good luck to you guys in the future.

Sorry we missed you as well Eric. We thought we would have been able to break away from moving stuff from the ranch to our new home, but unfortunately that didn't happen. It sure means a lot to us to read about what a great time you had with Jon and Linda at the helm. We knew they would be a perfect fit for Shiloh and we look forward to following along with many more hunts to come!

From: Bou'bound
All the best and good luck with the growing church.

From: RK
Matt and Cheryl Good job on building Shiloh and even a better job of finding someone to continue the excellence at Shiloh

First test is done and all passed No better feeling!!

I'll show up in one of the pews in the future!! Good luck and God Bless!!

Forrest- Kai won't be tracking for clients anymore, but we intend to keep her in shape with a healthy population of deer, turkey, and hogs at our new place.

Mike B- thanks for letting us borrow your hog for that pic! It's sad that over 20 years we didn't manage to get to hunt for a trophy ourselves.

Mike N- you didn't lose your job, you got a promotion! That's what happens when the boss step up!

Kevin- we were blessed to have acquired a new cousin in you. Blood or not, you're family to us.

Scott- I'm glad you decided to make the switch to Shiloh all them years ago. You'll like Jon and Linda. They have the passion to make Shiloh even better than we did.

Rob- we're gonna hold you to that promise! We are only a phone call away, and want to stay in touch. Too many good stories still need to be told :)

From: Skippy
Thank you Matt and Cheryl for all the good times!!

From: Stick
Have not talked to you all in many years, but have read all the posts about the fine job you both have done giving stick shooters like me a chance to have a great experiences. So, I think it is a great adventure that you are headed for and I wish you the very best. Your Pal, Stick

From: Axl
Good luck on your new adventure

From: Fuzzy
Aw man! I've always said I was going back to Shilo "next year" ....guess I waited too long :(

From: drycreek
Although I’ve never been there, (I have too many hogs to kill at home), I’ve always loved reading the Shiloh threads. Good luck to you guys in the future !

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