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OH MOOSE! Colorado
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Arrow328 15-Jun-19
tobinsghost 15-Jun-19
cnelk 15-Jun-19
Treeline 15-Jun-19
PoudreCanyon 15-Jun-19
Jaquomo 15-Jun-19
oldgoat 18-Jun-19
Scar Finga 18-Jun-19
From: Arrow328
Man I am sooooo blessed this year to have been awarded an archery moose tag for 7,8,191! I am requesting any type of help, advice, pointers, $0.02. I have never hunted moose. I have come across them LOTS elk hunting (which is why I started putting in for points tags every year). I am a fit 33 year old male willing to hike my tail off. I honestly didn’t expect to pull this tag till I was in my 40,s. I don’t care if this is a record setter, but would love a mature bull, but will take a smaller bull if i have to. I am an experienced archery hunter and a decent shot. I am slightly familiar with the Cameron pass area as well as dead man area in GMU8. I’m looking for advice on scouting (as I will spend my summer scouting for this once in a life time opportunity) I am so excited for his hunt I can’t sleep some nights and it’s still 3.5 months away ??. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU in advance!!!

From: tobinsghost
Good for you! I come across them too when elk hunting up north. I'd stay close to water in valleys but I have seen some nice bulls up on top of mountains above those same valleys and all the way back where creeks start up high in basins. Good luck and stay after it!

From: cnelk
Jaquomo is your guy

From: Treeline
What cnelk said

From: PoudreCanyon

PoudreCanyon's embedded Photo
PoudreCanyon's embedded Photo
Yeah, bribe Lou with a good bottle of scotch. You won’t regret it. I’m green with envy BTW, i’m At 3/13 now for moose and that should have been MY tag:)

From: Jaquomo
PM me with your email and contact info and let's talk. I'll fix you up.

From: oldgoat
Good luck man, I'm no help, haven't hunted those areas, I'll be after a cow moose myself in a different unit. Hit Lou up, get all the help you can with the packing!

From: Scar Finga
What they said, Jaq is the man!

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