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76 archery tag. Finally!
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Bucknut 15-Jun-19
Mike-TN 18-Jun-19
Buglmin 19-Jun-19
jdo 21-Jun-19
Buglmin 21-Jun-19
Bucknut 22-Jun-19
From: Bucknut
I finally got in. When I started applying for this tag 16 years ago you could get in with 3-4 points. Wow how times have changed. I am hunting with a recurve on this trip. I hunted this unit successfully with a rifle in o3 and came back to help a friend in 2nd rifle a while back. However I’ve never been there in archery season. This year could be really difficult with all the snow still in the mountains. For those of you that have hunted the area recently at what elevation are you finding the elk in mid September? I’m going to assume very high this year. Looking at the Rio grande reservoir, Fern creek and surrounding areas. If anyone has anything they can share it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, John

From: Mike-TN
I have hunted 76 a couple times and will be glad to help. Send me a PM if interested.


From: Buglmin
You and everyone else will be in and around the Rio Grande Reservior. Will you be walking in, using horses, what? The problem with trails and areas that border other otc units is, you have guts sneaking into these areas with otc tags and hunting 76. Look into areas north of South Fork, lots of great country that will hold dome good bulls. The area is gonna be rough this year with a lot if downed timber blocking trails that might not be cleared now. Pictures of trails full of downed timber from avalanches blocking and covering trails might make some areas impassable. Feel free to pm me and I'll help with some suggested areas.

From: jdo
I also drew 76 Archery. Could definitely use some tips if anyone is so inclined. I have not hunted it before, but have researched via GE and other web sites. Saw some amazing pics of 76 but they were dated. Should be a good time!

From: Buglmin
Lots of info if you search. Info I gave on another site was posted on another site and discussed there.

From: Bucknut
Yes, the anticipation is at a high level here. Had gall bladder removal last week and that slowed down the exercise program but still shooting the bow every day. Don’t tell the doc. Lol. I’ve been burning up google earth and the Topo maps lately though.

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