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Product Loyalty?
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Matt 18-Jun-19
From: trophyhill
There are plenty out there who are loyal to certain products, and plenty who aren't I'm sure. When it comes to all things archery & hunting, What makes you a loyal customer? Or not?

From: spike78
Not really archery but the only product at the moment would be Toyota vehicles just cuz they have been so reliable for me. I have archery products that I really like but I wouldn’t say I’m loyal should others come out in the future.

From: M.Pauls
I saw a staff member of cabelas in the store the other day with a browning “buck mark” tatood quite large on his calf. I said “boy I sure hope for your sake browning doesn’t take a turn for the worse and start producing some real junk firearms” he said “oh I don’t have any, I just like their clothing n stuff”

How’s that for brand loyalty!?

From: trophyhill

From: Brotsky
I'm extremely loyal right up until I find a better product to be loyal to!

From: Zim
I’m loyal to reliability/repeatability. I’ve had products I swore by for years then they went downhill and I consequently started shopping replacement brands (most recent example being compound strings). I won’t stand by a brand as it descends into subpar reliability. Conversely, if a product always delivers for me I’m unlikely to switch unless there is a massive leap forward in performance/technology offered by something else.

From: Bake
I'm with Brotsky on this. I'm loyal until I find something better.

From: yooper89
I'm loyal to family and friends. Brands, on the other hand, don't get that same treatment.

From: fubar racin
I’m loyal to people not brands if I like the people running the show I’ll usually support the company.

From: hoyt-6190
I had shot Hoyt’s for over ten years. Bought a Prime as a learning project on how to tune my own bow. Never even shot it I may be hunting with the Prime this fall as it feels way more comfortable than the Hoyt Hyperforce.

From: RD in WI
In terms of archery equipment, I tend to ask various archery shops in MN and WI, as well as trusted friends, about what is the best (bow, arrow, sight) and see what I get in terms of matching answers. Then, after a bunch of research (online videos, product reviews), I make a purchase.

In all other things, I use Consumer Reports and buy whatever is the best in the category I am searching. The only time I veer from this method is when the 2nd or 3rd place item is rated worse by a small margin but is much less expensive. To date, this has worked for me. V/R - Rich

From: midwest
I'm loyal to any manufacturer that produces a quality product and provides excellent customer service. As long as they continue to provide those two things, I will be a loyal customer. MBG and Onestringer come to mind.

From: APauls
I try and support my local archery shop. Past that... who knows. It's the people I'm loyal to.

From: JTV
I'm loyal till I find something else I like... while Ive been a big Bowtech fan for years, I am seriously looking at the Xpedition line of bows right now, possibly even Obsession, if their bows actually hit IBO speed they claim .. but I am leaning to Xpedition ... Predator Clothing I have been loyal to ever since it hit the market, same for Gold Tip, since 1989, I see no reason to change with those two, but I will mix my clothing as needed .. Ive got about 5 different BH's I'll switch back and forth with

From: 12yards
I just want stuff that works and lasts and doesn't break the bank. I like simple and available too. I'm not too into fancy stuff.

To a point...They’re not paying me to use their product, I choose too!

From: Scar Finga
I wouldn't say that I am not really brand loyal, I am way more quality loyal! I really like certain manufacturers because they consistently put out a great product. Lexus is a prime example... I don't buy new, always used, but I think they make the very best, most comfortable car out there! For trucks, I am a GMC guy, and also Toyota. Shoes, I like Merrell's. for boots, I like Lowas! I used to love Danner, but they went over seas for production and went to crap! Socks, I love Darn Tuff. I have no issue paying extra if I get the quality I want. I don't think there is an "American" made car I would own. It's all about longevity and quality! As an example, I have shot Hoyt exclusively for the past 10 years, but I just bought a new Mathews. Hoyt has become stagnate, and Mathews has finally put out a quality product after 10 years or more. JMHAHO. (Just my humble and honest opinion).

From: Ermine
I’m loyal to companies that produce good gear that I like to use and gear that has served me well. Kifaru, Swarovski, Hoyt

From: Matt
Hoyt, Vortex (broadheads, not optics), Swarovski, Kifaru, Western Mountaineering, Toyota.

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