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Small Game While Elk Hunting
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DL 18-Jun-19
The last savage 18-Jun-19
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Red Sparky 18-Jun-19
oldgoat 18-Jun-19
trophyhill 19-Jun-19
DL 20-Jun-19
DL 22-Jun-19
From: DL

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pretty accurate sling. Be great for taking grouse or rabbits. Ever been in a tree stand and have a troublesome squirrel? Almost everytime I’ve used a stand I could have used this. One year we had a pellet gun at camp because chipmunks were into everything. We’d be eating and have them upon the table.


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The last savage 's embedded Photo
Ill offer about 40 years worth of slingshot experience.. Don't waste your $$ on it,,for the same money you can buy a Barnett ,,cobra,,,fast ,hard hitting, super accurate,,its the red one on my rack. The top one ,made by futhermore,sp, the 6 tube system is ridiculous,,,I get it..but it took 2 days for 2 tubes to break,as they are thin and well...too damn many tubes,pretty to look at but junk,...the aluminum yoked one is a solid ,super light,killer.. Black one is Barnett variation of the cobra, I alway change the arm pad,,suits me better and more reliable.I've killed far more than you'll believe with slingshot, I've entertained the realistic idea of starting my own business.. Helps with my trad shooting as well,,I'm a natural snap shooter,so it fits. Good tip,,I've also used the slingshot to push game TOWARDS me,..simple launch a few in the bush on the animals farther side,,,whammo there headed your way!!!!best of luck,,,,valuable tool....

From: skookumjt
I didn't see a link to the slingshot. Anyone?

From: Red Sparky
I would have to look up the regs in my state but last time I read them small game was only legally taken with archery equipment during the archery season. That is why I carry one small game head and take squirrels with it.

From: oldgoat
I typed "slingshot sight" into eBay search and it was second one listed

From: trophyhill
Is the small game license good for grouse?

From: DL
My last grouse cost me $25. and it was edible. I think it had been eating bear crap. Then someone said carry an old aluminum arrow.

From: DL
I hate sea lions. They are on my list with coyotes wolves and lions. I commercial fished for salmon and Albacore in the 70s. The sling I shot used 00. They got close to our boat they were in deep doo doo.

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