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New Bow Wanted
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406 Huck 19-Jun-19
ELKMAN 21-Jun-19
From: 406 Huck
Well I'm looking at new bows and one that caught my eye is the Bowtech Cabon Icon. I shot it, it felt good. Only problem is I don't know much about it. All the reviews I see online seem to be ads for Bowtech. Coming from a Hoyt Charger. Would love some honest reviews on that Bowtech bow.

One of the worst options in the industry. Absolutely steer clear of the Icon. (Pm for details) If you are looking at bow in that $5-600 dollar range just get one of the Bowtech Realm series used off of the classifieds over at and you will have the best bows made right now. By far the easiest to tune, very quiet, perfect weight and balance, reasonable price, unbelievably accurate and forgiving to shoot.

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