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Wyoming Moose Hunting Tips
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From: moose talk
Okay it has finally come down to less than 3 months before I start my Wyoming moose hunt the wait at times has been unbearable but the Wyoming big 3 has kept me focused on the potential for even more great tags come tomorrow at 10. My question is not so much about my area as based on the research I have done not many people have posted discussion topics on area 27. Anyway would just like to hear from all the moose hunters out there that have hunted Wyoming or the Utah bordering units of area 27. What time in September did moose rut activity seem to pick up? Did you call ? Did it work? How long did you call? Time of day? Finally what was the biggest influence on the success or unsuccesful part of your hunt. (ie. weather, some friendly advice, scouting, long periods of hunting, short smaller trips to maximize the parts of the season you could hunt, local knowledge) Thanks in advance

From: Treeline
I screwed up on my moose hunt. Did kill a bull but was very frustrating.

I did not set aside time early to hunt hard with the thought that the rut would be much better hunting.

I found more and bigger bulls on my one weekend early than I found during two weeks in the “rut”. Plus, there were a crap load of rifle hunters chasing elk, deer, bears, antelope, moose, coyotes, rabbits, grouse, etc out there when I went up for the “rut”.

Have dropped out of the Wyoming moose tag race but If I had a do-over I would definitely take all my time starting on day one of archery!!! I would hope to be done way before the bulls even thinking about the rut and running off to the timber to look for a girlfriend!

The bulls spend a lot of time in the open in the lower river and creek bottoms in the summer. They are very visible and easy to find. If you find bulls in the summer, they will be in that area till the rut starts.

If you see a bull during the rut, he may be 30 miles away in a different unit the next day.

I had a WY cow Moose tag in 13. Moose were easy to find in summer but I was warned by past hunters that they "won't be where you found them in the summer once season starts". Once the first frost hit, they abandoned the meadows and marshy stuff and became timber hounds. Took 6 days to find them. Some Bull hunters did find and shoot bulls still in the meadows the first few days of season. Guys that were in the area Elk hunting were a good source of info. Good luck on your hunt

From: Huntcell
buddies and I had 3 Wy Unit 27 tags 18 and 19 years ago back when there were 6 NR tags available each year and took zero points to draw.

hunted the last week of September. didn't do any preseason scouting, ordered maps and talked with game warden and jumped right in. moose were very responsive to our amateur calling, called in numerous bulls. took all three with archery, 4 shots taken one shot was a complete miss, was able to call the bull back and made second shot count. this was this hunters first big game kill with archery.. was no other hunters or people in the field during our hunts. made contact with most of the moose within 1.5 miles of the Utah - Wy state line.

two moose were taken near the border on the eastern side of unit, one in a major creek coming out of Utah and one up the timbered mountain side. Third one was taken near the border in the center of the unit. We did get permission to hunt private land in that area as it is checkerboard type land ownership, the moose was shot on public not far off of an access road in a creek bottom. That moose missed P&Y by and inch.

Game warden at the time said all 3 moose were fair representative of the current management goals. until recently 27 has never been a trophy moose destination, some very nice one do occasionally come out of the unit. The western part of the unit is primarily private and has always held respectable moose.

recently seen an outfitter advertising 27 as a trophy Shiras moose destination. these days with the tags so hard to come by, the tag has become the trophy!

From: wytex
Treeline has good advice.

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