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Bizarre question
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From: maxracx
So in the beginning of the year I decided to have my shoulders looked at. I have been having extreme shoulder pain in both for going on 2 years. I am going on 52 and not getting any younger. Before I saw the Doc I decided I would buy a new bow and get it all ready for an upcoming elk trip to Wyoming. I get the bow and get it all dialed in and ready for Sept. The MRIs show I have torn labrums in both shoulders, bone spurs and shredded tendons. They sound like rice crispies every time I draw a bow and hurt like hell. Sleeping was the worst because I am a side sleeper. On April 10th we go in and repair the left shoulder. The Dr cleans up the bad tendons, grinds off the spurs, sews up the Labrum and reattaches the tendons to good ones. 4 weeks in an immobilizer sling and I start physical therapy. 2 weeks in and I feel great, I am getting my range of motion back, I am on top of the world. It all hurts like hell but I am off the pain meds and just working hard. At the 6 week check up the Doc is not happy with my progress and he determines I have a frozen shoulder. He gives me 2 weeks to get it moving on my own with PT. At week 8, I can't get it to break free so I have no choice but to have procedure called "manipulation with anesthesia", basically they put me under and cranked the crap out of my shoulder to make it move in places I couldn't while awake. It sounds brutal but I slept like a baby through the whole thing. The best move I could have made, my motion scores have all increase substantially. I have been seeing my physical therapist 3 times a week and we are seeing huge progress. So much so that the other day I picked up my bow and drew it back. It is set at 60lbs and I got it back with difficulty but I got it back!!!! Now to my question, when I drew it back and anchored it felt very foreign, the draw length seemed to be almost an inch too long. Does it seem possible that having this type of shoulder procedure could have changed my draw length?? Before I make any drastic changes to my anchor and peep I will let things settle down and work on strength. I am taking it slow, but knowing I will be able to draw and shoot by July 15th is a huge positive motivation for me. I was just wondering if anyone else has every experienced this type of thing. Sorry for rambling. BTW, I am going in to get the right one done in early NOV. I hope I can fill my WI archery tag before then.

From: JohnMC
Can’t answer your question on draw length. One guess though is you were not pulling draw arm back all the way. As in your elbow on draw arm was out to the side instead of behind you.

About 3 years ago fell on ice broke shoulder in a couple places.. Once it healed I could not get my range of motion back. I could not lift arm higher than head after a lot of PT. I also had a manipulation under anesthesia. It was immediately better as in when I woke up.

From: bentshaft
Your shoulder is probably high and collapsing, this will result in a perceived draw length change. Mine did this after surgery, one of the hardest things during the latter stages of PT was getting and keeping my shoulder down. Good luck.

From: CPAhunter
Good lord, I had similar surgery on May 13th! I couldn’t imagine drawing my bow so soon. Docs said no way I’d bow hunt til 2020 and pretty much forget about duck hunting with the shotgun this fall.

60 lbs? Is your Doc onboard with you doing this?

From: maxracx
Thanks guys for the feedback. Before the procedure the Doc knew my timeline of being able to shoot by Aug 15th and he felt comfortable that it was a realistic goal. Charlie, I agree. I plan to work with my Genesis and work on form and release until I feel my strength is fully back. Also I will work hard on getting legs and lungs in elk shape.

From: Franklin
Your physical therapist needed to break up that scar tissue with more aggressive PT. I have had both shoulders done...same as the OP. I was pretty careful as the Dr. said there was a 50/50 the molleys to the bone won`t take. Luckily they did.

I was OK and back to about 85% but like Charlie said, it takes a while to get 100% and have the confidence in the shoulder. My 2nd didn`t turn out like the first and stayed at 85%....but it`s livable.

From: fubar racin
I injured my shoulder pretty good in May 2016 doing stupid things for stupid reasons, doc gave me the option to go right to surgery or try to let it heal up and do pt. Well in my infinite wisdom I decided to let it heal on its own and skip the pt too because that stuffs expensive and heck I’m tough, it’ll be fine! Well it was August 2018 before I got my bow to full draw again, I’m finally back up to just a little shy of where I was before my injury draw weight wise, but my draw length changed from 29 inches to 30 somehow through the injury and healing.

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