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Panther Bone 23-Jun-19
Timbrhuntr 24-Jun-19
olebuck 24-Jun-19
GhostBird 24-Jun-19
GhostBird 24-Jun-19
Panther Bone 24-Jun-19
bdfrd24v 24-Jun-19
Bowfreak 24-Jun-19
I’m looking at doing a week for velvet whities in KY, then head to CO for elk the following week.

I’ve looked into the listed outfitters and such, but wondered if any of y’all had any solid recs on an outfitter or week lease for diy in KY. Velvet whitetail, as title says...


From: Timbrhuntr
Check out Dan and Nancy at Pennyrile Outfitters ! Great people and honest pricing.

From: olebuck
I went to KY last year on the opener - i killed a full velvet nice 8 point on sept 3rd. i hunt private land and its my favorite state to hunt - besides iowa.

this year the season doesn't open until sept 7th. even last year we were seeing bucks already hard horned the first day - about 1 out of 4 were already shed off. It will be tougher this year to get one with it opening even a few days later, but your odds are still very good...

Good luck on your hunt!

From: GhostBird
I'll second Pennyrile Outfitters. I have never deer hunted with them, but have been there turkey hunting the last three years. Dan & Nancy are great people and they have some nice properties.

From: GhostBird
Oh, I forgot to mention... we found some killer shed antlers while turkey hunting.

Thanks, fellas.

From: bdfrd24v
I hunted with Premier Outfitters in KY last year for the velvet opener. I did not kill, but quite a few of the guys/gals did while I was there. Feel free to PM for any questions. Its hot and buggy other than that its certainly a fun time.

From: Bowfreak
I haven't looked at the calendar but if season opens on 9/7 this year your chances of a clever buck are really low.

Also.... September is a great time to kill a big buck, but it is so miserable hunting in KY that time of year that I don't even hunt in September unless I have a good buck located.

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