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Kuiu pro vs Sitka mountain pants
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Scoot 25-Jun-19
Trial153 25-Jun-19
kota-man 25-Jun-19
Brotsky 25-Jun-19
smarba 25-Jun-19
Whocares 25-Jun-19
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ELKMAN 26-Jun-19
NoWiser 26-Jun-19
smarba 26-Jun-19
From: Scoot
I searched but didn't see this exact thing...

I've got some gear to replace! I lost my sitka mountain pants and would like to replace them. I have ascents for early season and want something slightly heavier, but not as heavy as the 90%s.

The two main options I'm looking at are Kuiu Pro and Sitka Mountain pants. I want knee pads in them. The Kuiu is considerably lighter- is it as warm? Other pros and cons on these options?

From: Trial153
Sitka grinders would fit the bill for what you described. I like the cut better then the mountain pants. Material is 4 way stretch and the same weight as the mounatin pants. The brown color is subtle and matches everything.

From: kota-man
Timberlines are my "go to" but I wear Ascents and Apex early. Mountains and Timberlines are the same with the exception of the covered knees and covered seat on Timberlines. The KUIU Pro's are "thinner" than the Mountains or Timberlines IMO.

From: Brotsky
Just order them both to compare and then return the Sitka. :-) Agree 100% with Kota that the Pro's will not be as warm as the mountains if they are the same material as the timberline pant. I will say that I almost exclusively wear Kuiu Alpine pants which are the predecessor to the Pro pant. Add a base layer and they are good to go down pretty cold if you are active, I hunted in them when it was in the 20's last year in ID and no problems.

From: smarba
I love my Sitka Apex, they fit the need perfectly between hot weather and cold weather for me. And deadly silent. With removable knee pads that come in pretty handy at times.

From: Whocares
Or just see if the woman will give back the pants you lost. Musta been in a hurry......

From: goelk
Kuiu for me

The new Sitka Traverse pant is also worth checking out. Should be in stores any day now.

From: NoWiser
Does the Traverse pant have kneepads?

From: smarba
The Traverse Pant is cut to be a more "relaxed fit". Basically for the guys that Sitka doesn't fit. I've seen it in person and IMO it's the least desirable pant choice in the Sitka line. No knee pads.

It was developed more toward a price point than to meet a technical need like their other pants.

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