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Wow, my wifes bow!!
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badguybuster 25-Jun-19
greg simon 26-Jun-19
fubar racin 26-Jun-19
APauls 26-Jun-19
IdyllwildArcher 26-Jun-19
From: badguybuster

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badguybuster's embedded Photo
My wife decided ti switch to a compound (Obsession Def Con M7) and is totally in love with it. I decided to fire a few arrows off it myself....dammit!!! That thing is slick!!!!

From: greg simon
Nice shooting!!! A little to nice. Now you owe your wife an arrow.

From: fubar racin
I figure those are about the best thing you’ll ever hate doing lol. Those obsessions do seem like nice bows too

From: APauls
Why shoot a 40" arrow? you can cut those down ya know!

I don't understand why people shoot groups. Destroying expensive arrows is an unavoidable eventuality if you do.

I just use white spray paint and put several dots all over the target. You still know your "group" size by where you're hitting in relation to the dot.

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