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Shaft 26-Jun-19
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Meat Grinder 26-Jun-19
From: Shaft
So I just scored a Dave Smith posturing buck decoy for far less than half of the price they normally are. The guy had it in his garage and had only taken it out of the box to make sure all of the parts were there. He never got to use it and decided to unload it. I set it up to take a look and get familiar with it. It is a lot heavier than my scarface decoy I bought last year. It is a lot quieter as well however, I have to give it to the scarface for the ability to compactly store, as well as the tail and neck movement that it provides. The carry bag that came with the scarface is handy also for both storage and transport in the field. I had a great encounter last year with the scarface but the price was too good on this to not jump on this Dave Smith decoy. Anyhow, 6 nuts and washers to put on and you are in business and the detail is really something. Has anyone figured a way to carry this in a bag for easier transport to more remote places? Right now I see this as a drive in only option unless I can figure out some way to carry it effectively. I don't have to take it far but I really hate driving the buggy right to some of my backwoods stands. Way too much disturbance for that. Any body else already solved this issue on the Dave Smith posturing buck? Since I have both I thought that I would let my hunting partner take the primos and then we can do some comparisons as to effectiveness. I already know the results of the scarface from last year. I am hoping to see similar to better results on this one. Anybody out there with some experience on the Dave Smith decoy?

From: joehunter
I have strapped my decoy on a freighter frame back pack for long walks.

From: Meat Grinder
If the terrain is not too hilly or doesn't have a lot of fallen trees, you might consider using a golfer's pull cart. An older friend of mine adapted his cart to get his climber where he wanted to go. If you have one with the wider tires, it should be fairly quiet and not sink into soft ground. Shoot a big 'un!

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