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Severe Bear Attack Survivor?
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From: JL

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I don't know if this is true, but if it is indeed legit, it's a heck of a survival story. This has movie rights written all over it.

Man lives after bear breaks his spine and keeps him as food inside den By The Siberian Times reporter 26 June 2019

Alexander described as a ‘speaking mummy’ found by hunting dogs close to death after a month. UPDATED!


The emaciated man from Russia’s remote Republic of Tuva was preserved as ‘tin-can’ food to eat later by a brown bear, say local reports in the region.

A group of local hunters found Alexander after their dogs refused to leave the area of the den.

Their persistent barking pushed the hunters to check inside the lair, where they found a barely-alive man. He was rushed to the local hospital and has been diagnosed with a broken spine and severe emaciation.

Alexander remembers his first name but not his age, and was reportedly in the den for around one month, drinking urine to survive.

He is now in the intenstive care with multiple injuries and rotting skin.

He can move his arms, local hospital doctors said.

A video shows Alexander opening his blue eyes and confirming his first name.

It is as yet unclear if he was a hunter, too, and how his encounter with the bear happened.

He managed to explain that he was attacked and dragged inside the den when he broke his spine.

The attack happened approximately a month ago, Alexander said.

‘The bear preserved me as food for later’, he explained.

A video filmed inside the local hospital shows that the man turned into a ‘speaking mummy’ with his tissues rotting after laying motionless for so long.

Local medics say they cannot explain how the man survived such injuries.


The story on the bear man was reported by major Russian newspaper Izvestia and news agency EADaily.

But a spokesman at the health ministry in Tyva Republic said: 'We cannot confirm the case happened in Tuva.

'It was not registered by the Ministry of Health, the Emergencies Ministry or any other official body (in the region).

'Most probably, it happened somewhere outside Tuva.'

Speech on the background in the video appears not to be local language Tuvan.

From: deerslayer
Wow....... That is insane. What are the chances of being found like that?

From: JL
Dr Seigel doesn't buy the drinking urine part. He said if the guy drank water somehow, then yes, it is very possible.

From: woodguy65
NO way I call BS.

Russian meddling on Bowsite.

I heard he was actually Amish.

From: t-roy
He can’t be, Ike. There’s pics of him on here!

From: Stekewood

From: Jaquomo
He looks like half the homeless guys camped along the river in Denver...

From: trophyhill
Well there are pictures, so it musta happened ;)

From: Brotsky
I think that’s just a picture of Embryoklahoma after his new diet.

Looks like JTV two weeks after the Community Forums were shut down.

I think it is a Sheep Foundation officer after their last meeting;)

From: Ambush
Just another hard core vegan.

"I feel so healthy, clean and strong since I quit eating meat!"

From: SteveB
Probably from the detention center at the border.....(I know that was bad)

From: Brucev
A few years ago a buddy of mine was held by a cougar for a while. He must have had it pretty good because when he got away he looked a heck of alot better than that.

From: scentman
BB, that was funny, even coming from you:0) Bet Jeff grinned reading it. You would think he had some parts missing... maybe the bear wanted a teddy human.

From: sir misalots
It was David Hogg

From: APauls
The way those Russians drink he’s prob just back from a bender.

From: Huntcell
Not enough info. If only the community forum was up and running, the rest of the story would be forth coming thru a url search and ties to dark web. Until then were left with a teaser story that should have been titled, man suffers sever trauma after watching every minute of two Democrat debates.

From: Rut Nut

Rut Nut's Link
No idea if it is true or not, but it reminded me of an attack here in the Poconos back in 2005. The girl was dragged off by the bear and then buried in leaves and twigs/debris. She played dead for hours until she heard her boyfriend searching for her.

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