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New Mexico Outfitter Pool help...
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Mike Castillo 27-Jun-19
70lbdraw 27-Jun-19
trophyhill 27-Jun-19
elkstabber 27-Jun-19
Ace 27-Jun-19
Hey guys, I need some advice. I am looking to put together a month long elk hunting adventure next year (something I have always wanted to do). I have enough points in AZ to draw a mid tier unit, and will probably hire an outfitter for that hunt, but maybe not. I want to find another hunt for the first part of September, and the first hunt in New Mexico would be ideal...I have been looking at different units and ones that I would have a good chance of drawing for the first hunt, and obviously the outfitter pool gives you better odds. I have seen where some outfitters offer a service whereby you contract with them and are then in the outfitter pool, but only have a guide for 2 days or so. This would be great. Does anybody have any experiences with this or any reputable outfitters that do this that I should contact.

Thanks! Mike

From: 70lbdraw
Many years ago I hunted with Milligan Brand Outfitters in Chama NM. (Unit 51 or 52 I believe. Dont quote me.)The guides name was Adam Talamonte. At the time they were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, and they put me on a big cow which I harvested. Might be a good place to start. Hes been in the biz for many many years. At the very least he may point you in the right direction.

From: trophyhill
If you hire Milligan Brand, ask for Ralph or Melvin. Great guys, guides and if you don't kill will be because you missed ;)

From: elkstabber
Hey Mike. NM isn't your only option. I sent you a text.

From: Ace

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Mike, I'd suggest that you speak with Bob Atwood at Blue Mountain Outfitters in NM. Great Guy, small outfit, you'll like him I'm sure. His website is at the link.

Tell him I sent you. Good luck.

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