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Sonora Mexico Mule Deer With Ward's
Mule Deer
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Here we go guys . If you have hunted with us in the past or have followed us over the years you know we have a great reputation for Coues. For the past 5 years we have been hammering the Coues deer in Mexico and are now adding to our Mexico Hunts MULE DEER. We spent hundreds of hours exploring ranches in February, Placing cameras and oranges on 5 different ranches trying to find the best ranch for both Archery and Rifle hunters. Well we found Them !!!! These are amazing ranches. Our hunters will be hunting over 55k acres and have access to some Giant Bucks !! We will be conducting these hunts a bit different than all the other outfitters, First we are wanting primarily Archery hunters. Second, We will be placing clients on a will call list in the order they book. We will schedule hunters for 6 days of hunting in January but ask that clients be available September and October and November and December. During the earlier months when we get 190 plus buck patterned we will begin the calls in the order of booking. This guys is basically like having a Governor's tag , being that we will call when the giants are patterned. The hunt cost as with all other Sonoran hunts isn't inexpensive. This hunt is $12500.00 to include will call list, Lodging, Meals, Airport pick up and drop off, 1x1 guide, trophy care and tag and License. Contact us at trophyhunts@wardsoutfitters.com, Call or Text 520-404-5114

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