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From: Spiral Horn

Spiral Horn's embedded Photo
Spiral Horn's embedded Photo
Took this old warrior via crossbow in Texas a few months back. Very good horns but to me his chaps are the real trophy, especially for a free-ranging ram.

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From: Slate
Congrats these guys on here will hang you for using a crossbow.

From: RK
Spiral. Where did you hunt that sheep. Really nice one!!

From: Brotsky
Beautiful Aoudad! I’ll save the rope for whoever steals my Dot’s pretzels. :-)

From: LWood
Nice Aoudad! Congrats!

From: Waterfowler
Any hunt details? Spot n stalk , how far? Great ram , congrats.

From: dirtclod Az.
Was that taken in Va.?

From: BigOk
Congrats!! Nice trophy.

From: TreeWalker
Nice ram! I would hunt them every year if lived closer to the herds.

From: moosenelson
That is a beauty! Congratulations on causing me to envy you!

My bucket list would be: Aoudad, waterbuck, mountain goat.

From: DL
Great job. An animal I’d love to pursue.

From: Scar Finga
Very well done, that is a very nice ram!!!


From: Treeline
Very nice ram. Tough animal to get with any weapon.


Looks to be pushing 32”. Background looks like the Western Hill Country - Edward’s Plateau country.

In most of that hill country, hunting is from a blind with a feeder. Spot and stalk hunting is more prevalent in far west Texas - Southwest Edward’s Plateau out to the Big Bend country and North Texas panhandle.

From: Mad Trapper
Nice!! Did you stalk him or shoot out of a blind?

From: Drahthaar
Beautiful. Forrest

From: RK
Spiral Horn

Where did you kill that Ram??

Congrats on a very fine Ram!

A good friend has free range Aoudad on his ranch. He shoots a nice ram every year, they hunt blinds with hand corn. He says the big boys are very feeder shy but will come in to the hand corn. I had better take him up on his invites before he stops asking me :)

Awesome ram! Wish you could have used a bow.

From: t-roy
What in the world is hand corn??

From: crestedbutte

crestedbutte's embedded Photo
crestedbutte's embedded Photo
Hand corn, it’s what’s for dinner!

From: RK
Hand corn is nothing more than baiting via hand spreading bait rather than a feeder

Does not matter

Spiral horn give us an update

From: t-roy
I’ve heard of hand jive, hand made, hand model, hand job, hand to hand combat. First time I’ve ever heard of hand corn. Learn something new every day!


Hand corn TX definition, setup a spot and throw corn on the ground. It works best if you can throw corn on the ground a couple days in a row without hunting the spot.

In Texas it is legal to use bait. I would guess the majority of deer and sheep hunters use corn feeders. Personally I don't like hunting feeders but each to their own.

I hope this helps :)

From: Spiral Horn
Thanks to all who appreciated this old warrior.

It was a very memorable hunt and I had a blast. This old boy was still the boss and since it was “that time of year” we enjoyed the special treat of getting a few long-distance glimpses of him “defending the title.” He was also a much physically bigger critter than we thought.

Not my first Aoudad - been successful with both bow and crossbow, spot-and-stalk and ambush from blind. In my experience a fully mature, wild/ free ranging Aoudad taken with an arrow is just something special.

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