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Mountain Lion Endangered! LOL
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From: Scar Finga
So a bunch of commies in California are saying that the Southern California M.L is endangered! I find this totally laughable and ridiculous!

We have 60 acres in S Cal and have multiple pictures of several (At Least 3) different lions and almost no deer anymore! What a bunch of BS!

Sorry, my link won't load, but you can google it!

From: dirtclod Az.
Mountain Lions are all around you! In the hills and the city. Wake up and smell the bed stains.3x as many Cats as people believe.

From: Treeline
At least, dirtclod! And you’re talking about most hunters and probably most biologists! Bet it’s more like 50 to 100x more lions out there as most non hunters would believe!

From: Scar Finga

Scar Finga's Link
Here is the llink

From: Buglmin
Dying from rat poison... Ever wonder why most of these groups are led by women? To gain support and sympathy from other women!! I wish people would wake up and realize why lions are in neighborhoods. Wonder how many house cats and dogs disappear yearly from these "endangered lions"?

Haven't heard much on the move to ban lion and bobcat hunting here in Colorado lately. Wonder what's up with that?


Billyvanness 's embedded Photo
Billyvanness 's embedded Photo
My good friend took this in their front yard last week here in Steamboat. Bunch of deer around and they’re seeing cats in broad daylight.

From: Heat
Bunch a maroons I tell ya!

From: Ambush
The trick for them is to keep calling the cats a special genetic type. In BC they're pushing hard to have the Vancouver Island wolves put into a subclass, then have them first listed as unique "Species of concern", then on from there.

We can laugh all we want at these moronic zealots, but they are winning!

From: Ermine
Colorado governors boyfriend also was claiming lions are endangered lol

From: BC173
Couldn’t agree more Ambush.

Wanna know where else mountain lions are endangered? Manhattan. Want more mountain lions in SoCal? Get rid of 15 or so million people and bulldoze the tract homes and let the oak groves come back. Problem solved.

Justin I had a moment of confusion...I thought when did we elect a lady governor? Then I remembered with a smirk and palm to forehead

Ike has it right. We need a pack of wolves and a few bear down in Grant park too.

Historic range and all that crap... you know.

From: Mule Power
I believe that the sub species of anti hunter known as the Southern California Anti Hunter is over populated and needs some culling. You know.... thinning of the herd! Maybe Trump’s wall should turn north at the eastern border of Cali!

From: Snag
Some remove all doubt of ignorance by opening their mouth. They don’t see a mountain loin so there must not be any....urban idiots

Its true. Most urban people have become so domesticated they have no earthly idea what is beyond the coffee shops and cultured lifestyles they are surrounded by. None.

From: TrapperKayak
You can make them endangered when you encounter them... ;)

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