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Does anyone have experience with a DIY deer hoist, pulley, etc. for getting deer into the bed of a pickup? I have some ideas and have read others, but I want to know your experience and what works best.

From: DanaC
I've seen square tubing from an old fitness 'machine' - possibly a Bowflex, that would work. Scrounge a cranking pulley from an old boat trailer, you could probably make it all work.

Lots of pix here -

From: Stekewood

Stekewood's embedded Photo
Stekewood's embedded Photo
Here is mine. Cheap wireless remote ATV winch from Harbor Freight mounted to some square stock. Very simple and inexpensive to make and it just drops into the stake pockets up by the cab. I load a lot of deer into my truck each season so I took the time to run power to the bed of my truck but you could also just carry a battery in your truck and hook it up when you need it. I leave it in the whole season and just hook the cable to the tie down bracket in the bed so that no one can steal it. I bring a small ramp if I am anticipating having to load more than a few but for just one or two it's really not needed.

From: Junior
Not going to dig ours out for a pic...but basically its a heavy square tube in the receiver, (long enough to clear the tail gate) with a 2.5" od, 2" id square vertical about 5' long welded to the receiver tube. (with gusset)..we have a 2" od pipe (jib with gusset) thats 5' long that slides 2' inside the square at the top. I cut out a 2" id x 5" od washer with a plasma and welded on the round at the 2' mark for a pivot rest. The horizontal part of the jib is 18". We use a mini boat wench attached on the jib gusset. We crank it up standing on the tailgate and spin whatever into the bed...

From: caribou77
Exactly what Stekewood has. So simple and cheap. Push a button and up they come! New trucks are so high anymore. And we are all getting older. A simple board for a ramp and they slide right in.

From: t-roy
Looks good, Stekewood!

From: LBshooter
Square tubing and a boat winch and your in business. You can buy them already made or weld one up yourself.

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