Should I bother fertilizing now
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CAMP DAVID 30-Jun-19
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Mark Watkins 30-Jun-19
Looking for some advice.

I have several existing clover plots and two plots that will be planted in Purple Top Turnips at the end of July.

My plan was to fertilize them using 5-20-20 and lime them all ( based on soil test) at the end of July also.

My question is it too late to fertilize? Should I instead just lime them per the soil tests and fertilize next Spring?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


NY is a different zone than where I am at, so folks with more knowledge hopefully will speak up.

But, I fertilize clover at green-up and then in the Fall around Labor Day if it is not too hot and moisture is in the forecast. I till fertilizer in right before planting brassicas in July.

This is what I do on the KS/MO border area. Good luck!

From: Zap
Habitat for Wildlife is right on the money- we do the same for fertilizing clover and brassicas here in Maine.Zap

From: Mark Watkins


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