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New technology peep sight?
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Jasper 01-Jul-19
Brotsky 01-Jul-19
smarba 01-Jul-19
JTreeman 01-Jul-19
Franklin 01-Jul-19
x-man 02-Jul-19
From: Jasper
My son is in need of a new peep, has been shooting a traditional G5 for years. I’ve noticed some new peeps on the market....anything good I need to check out? Thanks!

From: Brotsky

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I love the Radical Archery Design's Super Duece 38. It's on all of our bows. I've been tinkering with trying their glow peep but have not gotten around to it yet.

From: smarba
IQ sight with Retina Lock works for peep

From: JTreeman
I’ve been running rhe RAD super deuce 38 as well. Been pleased with them. However I think there is probably not a lot of difference for the most part for us “regular guys”.


From: Franklin
Smarba….2 of my buddies just went with that sight....they love it.

From: x-man
The IQ retina lock is a cool "tool" but, my experience as a shop owner I saw many more archers using it incorrectly than correctly. From my experience, I saw probably 4 out of five shooters "adjusting" their grip at full draw in order to line up the retina lock. THAT of course is inducing hand torque, and a big no-no.

A peep like the super deuce that is large enough to allow the shooter to see the entire round pin guard (and center it) at full draw is still the best option for most folks in my opinion.

As poor as my aging eyes are, I can still see all my pins and targets at 30 minutes after sundown with a 3/16" peep. My next peep will be 1/4" and I won't lose any accuracy.

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