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Hunt98 02-Jul-19
skookumjt 02-Jul-19
Big Nine 02-Jul-19
dm/wolfskin 02-Jul-19
skookumjt 02-Jul-19
Ollie 02-Jul-19
BullBuster 02-Jul-19
rodb 02-Jul-19
Shortstop 03-Jul-19
From: Hunt98
I have about a 1/4 acre of clover, this is the second season. It’s doing ok but it also has grass in it.

Can I spray Gly on it?

What’s the ideal (temp, rain forecasted, etc...) conditions to spray Gly on it?

From: skookumjt
No. Glyphosate is a non selective herbicide intended to kill all vegetation. People who advocate using weak solutions of glyphosate on clover or other vegetation are promoting herbicide resistant weeds. Find the right chemical to treat whatever you are trying to get rid of.

From: Big Nine
Do not use Gly on clover. If you catch it early grass can easily be controlled with Clethodim 2e with crop oil. We have good luck spraying early in the morning as the dew is drying off.

From: dm/wolfskin
Most clover has a slight resistance to roundup. So does Alfalfa. The clover will turn yellow but most grow out of it. There is herbicides for grass in clover.

From: skookumjt
Herbicides should be used after the dew has dried.

From: Ollie
Imox is another option for clover that is gaining in popularity. It will kill many grass and broadleaf weeds.

From: BullBuster
As mentioned, Clethodium is good for a grass in clover early on. I have NOT had luck with spraying mature grasses in clover. Some will advocate mowing and then spraying it one week later, but I still haven’t had success with that technique. Just mowing at this point to control in my experience.

From: rodb
I have used gly on clover to get rid of grass and weeds for years. If the clover is well established you will see some yellow but will soon turn a beautiful dark green when everything else turns brown.

From: Shortstop
Give it time. Clover might crowd out the grass...eventually.

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