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Calculating Fertilizer and Lime
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Elusive 02-Jul-19
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Stressless 01-Aug-19
Junior 01-Aug-19
t-roy 01-Aug-19
From: Elusive
Got soil sample back, it says I need 7000lbs of lime per acre. I'm only planting 1/8 of a acre so how do I calculate to get right amount for my 1/8 acre.

7000/8=875 lbs.

From: gobbler
Must be pretty acidic

typically you would not add that much lime at one time, I would do two different applications at 437.5. You could also you palletized lime at a lower rate.

From: Shortstop
7000 pounds per acre is a little high, but not too bad. We get calls for much higher amounts for row crop ground in Iowa. I'd guess buffer ph must have been in mid 5's?

From: Stressless
If you want send me a PM with your email - I built a spreadsheet so you can input your soil test results and plot size - it outputs the P, K and Lime needed for your particular Soil Sample - which I assume was from one individual plot.

From: Junior
Wow...I think I'd try a sample in another location?

From: t-roy
Shortstop. X2^^^^

Definitely on the high side, but not outrageous. What was the ph?

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