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Your Mule Deer Scouting 2019
Mule Deer
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NorCalVineyards 03-Jul-19
Buglmin 03-Jul-19
Joe Holden 03-Jul-19
NorCalVineyards 03-Jul-19
nmwapiti 03-Jul-19
Ermine 03-Jul-19
APauls 03-Jul-19
NorCalVineyards 03-Jul-19
trophyhill 04-Jul-19
CK 05-Jul-19
NorCalVineyards 08-Jul-19
fubar racin 08-Jul-19
As the scouting season is upon us, who's got plans to head out and do some scouting for the upcoming season? My partner and I have high country mule deer tags in Nevada and will be making a trip out next week for our first of 2 scouting missions. Season is only 5 weeks away and it's now or never. If your out scouting, post up your pics, whether it's of animals or just the type of country you'll be looking to dig up big mature muley bucks, and tell us a little about the country or the upcoming hunt.

From: Buglmin
With tags in hand, still too much snow up high. For right now, I'm not going to worry about doing much scouting. I know where the deer are, where they will be come September. It's time to focus on equipment and the right setup.

From: Joe Holden
This'll be the first year I'm planning on boots-to-ground scouting here in Kansas...and for mule deer in general. Weekend of 7/20, I'll be out with a buddy trying to turn something up.

For us, we've never been to this unit before, so getting some boots on the ground and the glass out is going to save us a lot of time come hunting season. The country we will be hunting is not high deer density and it's very steep terrain, elevation tops at like 8,500 and there is no snow left. Heat can be a factor with temps rising into the 90's! Gotta find a big buck to kill a big buck as they say. Looking forward to a new adventure bow hunt. and..... It's only 37 days until the Nevada archery opener.

From: nmwapiti

nmwapiti's embedded Photo
nmwapiti's embedded Photo
Yep. Been out once already. Going out again as soon as I finish some landscaping.

From: Ermine
Too much snow up high. I think the critters will be slow moving up

From: APauls
I'm just gonna wing it! Time away is precious so I'll have a bow in hand for all of it.

Nevada deer tags are tough to come by, let’s see what next weeks scouting can turn up.

From: trophyhill
Will be scouting as high as I can later this month in CO. Waiting for some snow melt.

From: CK
Heading out in a few hours for an evening glassing session. One of the benefits of living where I do.

On the road in the am. Be glassing high country Nevada mule deer with any luck Tuesday evening.

From: fubar racin
I’ll be scouting for a tag once leftovers go on sale lol.

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