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Wyoming PP's Yikes!
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Time to get your WY preference points. NR Elk, Deer, Antelope, Moose and Sheep = $434.60!

From: Bigdan
elk only for me

From: pointingdogs
I dropped moose, sheep and mt Goats a few year back. Just seemed like a waste of money considering the draw odds. I made it easier for you.

i dropped moose, cheaper to just buy a landowner tag in Utah if you do the math.

From: Huntcell
never was points for MT Goats. this year areas 4 and Area 5: ******NR UNDERSUBSCRIBED 100% draw!!! ********

even some of the hunting consultants have dropped the Apply! Apply! Apply! mantra for Wy sheep and moose. the math and money no longer add up favorably.

Demand Report - Non-Resident Mountain Goat State of Wyoming Date: 5/7/2019 Nonres Draw Wyoming Game and Fish Time: 3:38:46 PM Fiscal Division Page: 1 ---- ---- ----------------------- ----- ------------- ------------- -------------

Area 004 ANY MOUNTAIN GOAT Quota 12, Applicants 8

Area 005 ANY MOUNTAIN GOAT Quota 4, Applicants 3

From: t-roy
I bailed on the sheep shell game last year (with 17 points) Still in for moose (18) and antelope (9) points again this year. Hopefully, I can draw a moose tag in the next 2-3 years.

From: Mule Power
Yeah.... I prefer to hunt instead of paying to dream. I love my general licenses!

From: Bigdan
Just did it I have 7 elk points now at 71 when I draw it will be my last Wyoming elk hunt if I build points again I will be near 80 before I draw

From: pav
Elk, deer and lope points here. Never applied for goat. Bailed on sheep more than a decade ago. Drew my bull moose tag in 2013.

Actually regret dropping out on sheep. The numbers told me to get out. What I did not consider was attrition. There are guys drawing sheep tags from my point pool now.

From: WI Shedhead
Will do points for antelope, deer and elk for the 3 kids because thier still cheap. Paid my elk point with another no draw, antelope again because I’m 1 short of max points and deer which I do every other year. I need to commit to one of those hunts on a year I don’t have an elk hunt and get out of that game. Gonna put in for my 11th moose point. At 47 I believe that when I’m 65 I will pull a tag due to attrition. Put it’s a very tough pill to swallow. I put in for a random draw tag every year as well. Figure I’ll have 5 bills invested in Wyoming points this year, your welcome game and fish

From: Brotsky
Just pulled the trigger on elk, lope, and deer points for me and lope and elk for my two half pint hunters. Walked out with about a $170 bill. Kid points are still a bargain for Wyoming at $10 per. My boy wants to kill an elk real bad since his sister got to so I may get him a youth cow tag next year in WY. Should be able to scare up a decent one for him with 1 point.

From: Bob H in NH
I moved to wy while having 4 points for elk. Do points matter when ya live here? I've gotten mixed answers

Bob H, there isn’t a PP system for resident elk, deer, or antelope.


From: Huntcell
Not yet! Certainly a missed revenue stream opportunity by Game and Fish. Somebody is sleeping at the finance committee, time to wake up!

From: PushCoArcher
Got my elk, deer, and antelope points sitting at 4 points for elk and antelope and 2 for deer.

From: YZF-88
Done. 11 elk and 8 antelope for next year. Really like to dump them and get out of the points game there soon (especially now that they want to hold the $$ for 6 months).

From: Snag
I’m just about there with you Bigdan. 66 w/ 7 elk.

From: elkmtngear
$52.00 for just an elk PP...Wyoming be like: Cha Ching!!!

From: JL
Had 5 PP ea for A and D. Put in for 6 today.

MT lope 900 draw is the week of July 15th, gun and B tag is the week of Aug 9th.

From: Shrewski
Now have 20 sheep points, 10 elk points, 11 antelope points, and 14 max deer points. I’ve got a cow tag this year to help figure out what to do with those elk points. Son has two seasons of college football left and then my falls are wide open and I will be spending some super quality time in Wyoming.

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