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From: WH1974
Need some advice on Sitka bibs for whitetail tree stand hunting. Going to be hunting Iowa mid November and looking to pick up some bibs. From what I’ve read is the Incinerator are the warmest but was wondering if they are quiet enough for lock on stand hunting, or should I go with the lighter but quieter fanatic? Thanks in advance for responses

I prefer the Fanatic “Lite” Bibs (option 3) and layering with the Heavyweight Merino underwear. The Fanatic Lite Bibs are burr resistant, very comfy with great dexterity for walking to then climbing a tree stand. I Whitetail Hunt the Midwest until Mid-January each year and rarely need either the Fanatic or Incinerator Bibs. If your set on the heavier ones go with the Fanatic. November in Iowa can be 70 degrees to 20 degrees. Have a great hunt! C

From: kota-man
Regular Fanatic would be my choice for that time of year. Nothing wrong with Charlie’s choice either. I don’t break out the Incinerator until it is REALLY cold.

From: JTreeman
My favorite is the regular fanatic as well. I have the fanatic lite, and cirrus (I think), I don’t own incinerator. For mid-late nov in the Midwest stand hunting I prefer the regular fanatic. I prefer being a little warm to a little cool though, So your needs may vary.


From: mgmicky
Are you looking for bibs you can also use in GA? I have the Stratus bibs and really like them. I never need anything more than lite layers with them in NC and just add heavier layers when I hunt northern MI in November. Might be worth looking at if you’re looking to more use out of them because the Fanatics would probably be too warm for the south

From: WH1974
Not necessarily looking for something to wear a lot in GA. I have all temps covered here. Will use in southern Illinois every November if I need to and every 5th year in Iowa. Thanks for the responses, leaning toward the new fanatics

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