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Free elk seminar
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bowhunter4lifeaz 04-Jul-19
trophyhill 05-Jul-19
Lv2hnt 06-Jul-19
jdee 06-Jul-19

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If your in Arizona, come check out Ralph Ramos and Corky Richardson free elk seminar. Plus incredible giveaways.

From: trophyhill
Don't know who those guys are but I like listening to anyone when it comes to talkin elk. Saw Dieter Kaboth a few years ago do a seminar at The Archery Shoppe in Albuquerque. Good stuff and I can see why he's a world champion elk caller. I had never heard of him up until that seminar started advertising....

From: Lv2hnt
FYI, the two elk hunters/speakers participating in the clinic are as good as it gets for hunting elk in the Southwest ...

From: jdee
Yes sir Lv2hnt , between the two of them they have done it all when it comes to AZ and NM !!

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