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Most effective herbicide for dogbane?
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Bobow 05-Jul-19
BOHUNTER09 05-Jul-19
dm/wolfskin 05-Jul-19
Bobow 07-Jul-19
From: Bobow
Had 2 small plots of dogbane pop up in 2 separate fields this spring. I pulled the 8-18" stalks, which broke off at ground level. But now they are back. I have glyphosate and Crossbow, which I use on multi flora with good results. Which is most effective on dogbane?

I think you will have the best luck with crossbow. 2-4-d seems to have more effect than glyphosate. Good luck with this nasty weed

From: dm/wolfskin
05-Jul-19 All the herbicides and pesticide you want.

From: Bobow
Thanks Bohunter, will give the Crossbow a shot when I get back up there in early Aug. Like I said I've had real good luck with Crossbow only on multi flora, so that makes sense. A friend said you don't want Dogbane around as it can be deadly to some animals including deer. Hopefully they know better than to eat it. Had a small out brake of Jimson weed also, so will try Crossbow on that also if it pops up again.

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