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Spott Hogg Voodoo
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Bake 09-Jul-19
Whocares 09-Jul-19
Busta'Ribs 09-Jul-19
WapitiBob 09-Jul-19
Franklin 09-Jul-19
Ambush 09-Jul-19
Bake 09-Jul-19
From: Bake
Spott Hogg has worked some kind of voodoo magic on my sight. I purchased a new Vertix this year, and agonized over attachments. I had good luck with a Spott Hogg sight before, so I special ordered a Tommy Hogg slider, with 4 pins. Bottom pin being smallest, and green too. To make it a 4 pin they just removed the 5th pin from the housing, which is fine.

The voodoo is that I finally got the slider set. I'm obsessively slow with setting my sights. Often taking 5 or more shooting sessions before moving anything. But I finally got the slider done. My 4th pin is for 60, so the slider will remain on 60, unless I need to slide for longer ranges.

So I go to sight in the top 3 pins. My intention being top pin zeroed at 27 yards, and good for 0-35 with some holdover/under. My second pin being 40, 3rd being 50.

I haven't had to move a pin. They're all perfect. PERFECT! What are the chances?!

From: Whocares
Zero. You must be shooting badly! :)

From: Busta'Ribs
Had to jump on and throw a plug in for the Hogg’s as well. Sent a site in for new fiber’s today and called for help and damn, those dudes just couldn’t have been any nicer or more accommodating. As my eyes age my pins are becoming more of a challenge (already worked up to the strongest power verifier available) and the Spott Hogg team is helping me stay in the field. So thanks boys!

From: WapitiBob
Youd be surprised at the number of people who call and complain that their pins aren’t already sighted in. No, I’m not kidding.

From: Franklin
How do you keep from laughing Bob.....I don`t think I could hold it together.

From: Ambush
I read the title and thought, YES! Spot Hogg as an even better sight available!

I am a little let down.

From: Bake
WapitiBob: sadly, I can believe that ;)

I still can’t believe it’s perfect though ;)

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