Anybody near myrtle beach?
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stick n string 10-Jul-19
WoodMoose 11-Jul-19
Redheadtwo 11-Jul-19
stick n string 11-Jul-19
r-man 11-Jul-19
Busta'Ribs 11-Jul-19
Not sure if there are any bowsight tours near Myrtle Beach but I’m going to be down this Saturday through next Friday night with the family. Not sure exactly what all we will get into but figured if there were any bowsiter’s close that wanted to meet up with another bowsiter to get a round of golf in or do some fishing or something maybe could line it up?

From: WoodMoose
near is a relative term,,,I am about 2 hours from there,,,I expect there are others. Have fun

From: Redheadtwo
I'm in the NW corner of SC across from the BMW factory. Too bad you're not going to be in my neck of the woods.

Lol. I’m sure I’ll be passing a bunch of guys, was hoping somebody was real close. Spare me from the day in the 200° sun and on the 500° sand… Kind a wish they had iguanas to bow hunt like the guy who went to Florida…

From: r-man
Charleston area for me , 1.5hrs. hope you got yr fishing pole . And spend your time with your family , or wife might be mad

From: Busta'Ribs
Charleston r-man? Geez, I’m sure I’ll get stuck there someday with the wife, that “Southern Charm” show is one of her fav’s and she is always bugging me about taking her there...

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