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From: coelker
So I have never put much effort into my arrows etc. I got a new bow and was thinking with a new bow maybe I need to look better into my arrow selection.

In the past I always shot what the local archery shop said was right. However I am wanting to explore options.

My bow is the new Mathews Vertix. 70 pound pull weight 28" draw. My back bow is a Mathews Switch Back 70 pounds.

I have been running the Axis 340 9.5 GPI

I still have 9 of those arrows. Should I consider a different arrow Get another 12 dozen of what I have?

I am shooting a 125 gr head. Was using muzzy 3 blades, but not happy with the spin on my last set.

Considering a Magnus Stringer with the little bleeder.

Any thoughts?

From: Franklin
Don`t buy the hype....what you are shooting is just fine. Try the Black Hornets from Magnus, great broadhead.

From: ohiohunter
I would not change. Get the axis match, 0.001 and not much more than the .003's. I like the short ferrule of the exodus, all my arrows spin like tops. My 340's 27.5" long with blazers, 125 qad, and nockturnal weigh in at 444gr... or right at 430gr with plain X nock.

From: Ambush

Ambush's embedded Photo
Ambush's embedded Photo
Ive been shooting the Axis shafts for several years now. The old camo 340’s 10.3 grains and I just picked up a dozen of the non-camo at 9.5. To make up the weight difference, I’ll leave them 3/4” longer and use 2020 aluminum shafting for a slightly heavier and longer footing.

The only reason you might switch from the Axis 340’s would be to go to the same in 300. If you foot them, which is easily done, that makes a very good and affordable shaft into an almost indestructible shaft.

Axis is a great arrow, I wouldn't switch. Now I have never liked muzzys because they would never fly well for me.

Those should be fine. I shoot 340's also @ 60 lbs, 27.75",50 gr.brass inserts, Iron Will footers and 125gr. Slick Tricks. They hit hard and fly good.

I also use an arrow squaring tool on my shafts before installing the footers, then touch up the footers after the epoxy cures. The shafts are the Axis Pro's and they spin dead straight with my tips.

From: Buglmin
Axis are a decent shaft, but the HIT insert system is junk. I'd recommend the outsert/ pin system from Ethics. It'd build a solid end and easy to bare shaft tune with. As far as Muzzy's, John is making braid heads again, the Musacchia NBS 100. Heads spin perfect, blades are extremely sharp. They're 100 grain four blade and they fly perfect!! John used to design broadheads for Muzzy, and his dad started the Muzzy company. Great guy, glad to see the quality from a Muzzy head again.

From: GLP
I agree with ambush on this question.

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