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Elk bow unit 15 New
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Amberjack255 11-Jul-19
Buglmin 11-Jul-19
nmarchr 11-Jul-19
From: Amberjack255
My buddy and I drew unit 15 second week bow. Pretty excited and looking for info as I live 24 hrs away. Lol. Anyone can help with intel would be appreciated... Thanks Josh

From: Buglmin
What areas were you planning to hunt? You're gonna find a lot of guys and outfitters on top of Slaughter Mesa, but they are there for a reason. You'll find elk around the lake, as well as Apache Mountain. Bulls are gonna bugle their heads off, but if you cow call to em, better sound good. The lil bulls will come in, but the big bulls are gonna stay out and bugle, waiting for the cow to show herself. The outfitters and guides are gonna park their trucks sideways across roads, yeah, they are still doing that, so you can't drive up to waterholes their clients are sitting on. If you can't locate bulls, empty your truck of weapons and drive around at nights and locate bulls. 15 used to be my favorite unit. Should of seen it in its heyday when Gila Monsters described the bulls there.

From: nmarchr
Get out of your vehicle, hunt hard, and shoot straight and you’ll have a good time!

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