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More California Loons
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Franklin 13-Jul-19
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3under 13-Jul-19
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From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo
The guy that posted this was up scouting and was confronted by one of these goobers. He tried to talk to him calmly explaining why he hunts. The guy went crazy.

From: Franklin
There is no reasoning with these radical loons....don`t waste the oxygen.

From: Rut Nut
So wildlife was NOT put on this earth to be hunted, trapped killed and eaten???!!!

Well, we’ve been doing it for THOUSANDS of years! Guess we got it all wrong! ;-)

And “Fellow EARTHLINGS???!!!” Now I have heard it all!!!

From: 3under
Can't stand liberals.

the stupidity of liberals is beyond me. had a co. mt. lion outfitter next to my booth once. peta person tried to spray his mount. instant wrong move!

From: Mike B
First thing I ask someone like that is: Do you remember your grandparents?

They look at you funny..and then you explain.."Your grandparents, and every relative you've ever had up until now, existed because they hunted, trapped and killed animals for protein...Why? Because they didn't want to starve to death!"

So, in other words the only reason you (person I'm arguing with) even exist is because people killed and ate animals. This is known as "reality".

Deal with it.

From: LBshooter
LMAO! I'm wondering if plants respond when you talk to them does that mean they have feelings? If so, maybe they deserve protection from those nasty, evil killers who call themselves vegetarians.

From: DL
If plants don’t feel why have some developed poison defenses against being eaten? Throw that out to vegans.

From: itshot
mike b, im so triggered by that i might quit bowsite

From: bigswivle
“mike b, im so triggered by that i might quit”


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