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Anyone use Campark Trail Camera
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Starfire 15-Jul-19
APauls 15-Jul-19
moe 15-Jul-19
Wapiti Chaser 17-Jul-19
From: Starfire
I see they have a pretty good rating on Amazon and are on Prime day. Anyone have experience with them.

From: APauls
Interested to see what people say. I've always been intrigued, but have bought other cams at that price that I'm happy with. I did read in the reviews that Campark will send people an SD card if they submit a 5 star review. One guy mentioned that he edited his review so that they'd send him a SD card, so keep that in mind when reading reviews.

From: moe
I bought one thinking that at that price how could I go wrong. It was a total waste of money. It took some pics but quit after about one week.(about 200 pics) put new batteries in it and it worked for about another week. ended up just throwing it away.

Absolute junk , my wife bought me two for Christmas and they each took a couple pictures grainy pictures and died. Don’t know who is giving good ratings but stay away.

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