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Which outfitter
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co1072 17-Jul-19
bfisherman11 17-Jul-19
Dino 17-Jul-19
woodguy65 17-Jul-19
petedrummond 17-Jul-19
Buffalo1 17-Jul-19
JTreeman 17-Jul-19
Buffalo1 17-Jul-19
Tradmike 17-Jul-19
One Who Knows 19-Jul-19
milnrick 21-Jul-19
From: co1072
My son and friends hunted at the Cinco Ranch ( Fair Chase LTD ). First class top notch outfitter. They recently stopped hunting and we are looking for another outfitter in Texas for hogs, and deer. We have it narrowed down to three. Lazy R Ranch, Maynard Creek and TC Outfitters. These were all recommended. Anyone have any knowledge of these outfitters? Thanks.

From: bfisherman11
Had not heard that about Rob/Cinco. Good luck in your search. I really enjoyed my hunts at Cinco. Let us know what you choose.

There was a fellow down there that hunted both sides of the border years ago. He was an American guy of Mexican decent. I always thought he would be good in case you wanted to go in to MX for Muleys. I am sure someone recalls his name, he used to post here some.


From: Dino
Sad news for sure with the closing of the Cinco5 ranch and Rob Kiebler. We loved going there yearly.

From: woodguy65
Absolutely Dino, one of my favorite hunts. Looked forward to it each February.

From: petedrummond
me too

From: Buffalo1
Fair Chase, Ltd was a great place to hunt. Rob Kiebler is a top shelf person and a true professional outfitter. His operation will truly be missed. He helped make many great memories for hunters.

From: JTreeman
Yeah, I talked to Rob a few weeks ago. Was sorry things went the way they did. I enjoyed going down for a nice winter weekend hunt.

I don’t have any info on any of those outfitters, but would be intrested as well if you come up with a good one.


From: Buffalo1
May want to check the outfitters out on May be able to get some info there.

From: Tradmike
I've hunted with TC outfitters twice. Charles does a good job and has good ranches to hunt. Barnes Kieth Ranch is also good. Hogs and lots of deer.

I have also hunted with TC Outfitters and at the Barnes Keith.. I have been with BK twice and TC twice.. TC had lots of javelinas but I don't think any hogs on the ranches that I hunted at least.. But they have several places to pick from and I am sure that Charles can hook you up accordingly.. BK had plenty of hogs, but no javelinas as they are in the Hill Country.. Saw plenty of deer at both places..

From: milnrick
Search for Jerry Rodriguez's Perdernal Bowhunts in Laredo TX. He's got several ranches, high and low fence that will meet your needs.

Hogs, Javelina, S.TX whitetail and yotes.

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