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Shiras42 17-Jul-19
Bill Obeid 17-Jul-19
RIT 17-Jul-19
Shiras42 19-Jul-19
From: Shiras42
On one of the properties that I hunt there is about an acre that was flooded out early this year that the farmer could not plant. Now it is dried out and since there are not crops there I wanted to try to plant something.

Here are the details of the property: Creek/trees run east-west through the property. South of trees is corn. North is beans. Just on the north side in a secluded little spot is the bare spot to plant. Fence line on the west of the spot the neighbor has most of the bedding area. Cannot get anything in other than some hand tools to do any prep work. Cattle usually go in right around Thanksgiving.

So I guess my questions are: What can I plant this late in the year that will attract deer mainly after the beans brown up, but before the cattle go in? Turnips and beets seem to be best as a late season attractant, but the cattle will have them destroyed by then. Also would need something that would not take a lot of soil prep.

Any suggestions are welcome.

From: Bill Obeid
Matt , lots of options for your fall planting. Without a lot of soil prep you could try.....1) forage oats...2) Hancock Seed Co . has deer greens....3) Whitetail Institute has Winter Peas that can go in Aug 1 in Nebraska. 4) Grandpa Ray has Fall Draw or Grains and Greens.

Check out those websites and read about which products would suit you. Good hunting

From: RIT
Mid to late August broadcast winter rye, frosty berseem, a Radish, and another brassica if you like. Drag or cultipack and walk away. If there are weeds now you can always spray and mow after you broadcast your seed.

From: Shiras42
Thanks for the input. I really wish they wouldn't put the cattle in here when they do. Maybe I could talk the cowboy into putting them in another spot first.

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