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Are the zippered Lakewood Bow cases
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bighorn 18-Jul-19
JTreeman 18-Jul-19
PAOH 18-Jul-19
So467 18-Jul-19
wkochevar 18-Jul-19
76aggie 19-Jul-19
Bowbender8 20-Jul-19
From: bighorn
Are the zippered lakewood bow cases airline approved?

From: JTreeman
I’m not aware of any airline regulations for bow cases. They obviously have general requirements for baggage and separate regulations for firearms. But I don’t believe there is any kind of requirement for transport of archery equipment.


From: PAOH
We flew 4 of them to Colorado in 2013. I don’t know if anything changed since then.

From: So467
Yes they are airline approved. We just bought a case from them today at their booth.

From: wkochevar
Do they have rigid crush-proof reinforcement for the " airline approved" status. I've seen several cases over the years that claimed it but were no where near strong enough to protect your bow from the airlines.

From: 76aggie
I have had two "airline approved" cases destroyed by the airlines. Those people could break an anvil.

From: Bowbender8
Despite an airline rating, Most require you sign a damage claim waiver, which means it's not their problem if they chew it up into little bits. They just have to hand you back the bits.

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