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Scoot 20-Jul-19
skookumjt 20-Jul-19
DoorKnob 20-Jul-19
RIT 20-Jul-19
Castle Oak 21-Jul-19
Scoot 21-Jul-19
Pat Lefemine 23-Jul-19
From: Scoot
I got some Frosty Delight (pasha brassica, winifred brassica, kale, radish, rutabaga) from grandpa Ray's. I've got a scotts elite spreader. What setting do I put the spreader on to seed this? Thanks!

From: skookumjt
You are probably going to have to add something to bulk up the seed. Sand, lime, fertilizer, etc. That way you have a better chance of covering your whole area. Seeding rate is only 10# per acres so you have to cover a lot of ground with 10# of seed.

From: DoorKnob
I have no clue. But ... you might try starting with the lowest possible seed rate and see what happens. Keep adjusting, and when you get to where you like it do the rest of the plot. Then go back and cover the thin places you started at with an appropriate setting to fill in. Or just hand toss it like I do :P

From: RIT
10#s and acre is pretty high for brassicas.

How big of an area are you planting. If it’s not a large area you can make a test run with silica sand. Then when you seed mix silica sand with the seed at 3 or 4 parts sand to one part seed.

From: Castle Oak
Scoot, I usually mix small seed (brassicas, clover) with the appropriate amount of wheat or rye(60 lbs/acre). This gives you some additional forage on the plot while the brassicas are maturing and allows more margin for error when seeding. Once I measure/mix the amount I need for a plot, I divide that into two equal amounts. I then seed the plot with the first half walking north-south, and then seed the second half walking east=west. This will give you complete coverage. Set the seeder very low and adjust after you walk about a quarter of the plot. Once you get the rate dialed in you will have it set for the next time. Good luck.

From: Scoot
Thanks guys!

From: Pat Lefemine
This is one of the reasons I do not like blends that include both small, medium and large seeds. When I do need to use blends like this, I always use a hand spreader and I try and walk a grid. I never run them through any powered spreaders. Just no way to spread consistently. Hand spreader is fine for smaller plots.

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